J Peter Hendrikx, the managing director, has been working for the New Zealand Immigration Service as a Service Leader with the Business Migration Branch based in Wellington. He has assessed many business applications, such as the Long Term Business Visa, the Investor or Residence application, the Entrepreneur application and the Employees of a Relocating Business. Peter knows the relevant policies by heart and understands the criteria that the migrant needs to meet, in order to obtain approval.

J Peter Hendrix J Peter Hendrikx is qualified and experienced in the field of immigration. Before his time with the New Zealand Immigration Service, Peter gained international experience working in countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as New Zealand. Being an immigrant himself, he understands the importance of having someone assist you in the country where you wish to settle.

Peter served as a Director on the Board of the NZAMI, the New Zealand Association for Migration & Investmen, the New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment, for 4 years and relinquished this position mid 2010.

Relaxation from work comes in various ways. In his spare time, Peter plays golf at Onewhero Golf Club where he is a full member with a reasonable handicap. He also enjoys watersports and in particular driving his Sea Doo jet ski for reasonable long distances and thus allowing him also a little bit of fishing in more remote locations.

Music is another interest, especially The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac are his favourites while he always enjoys a good action packed movie such as the Bourne Trilogy, The Godfather, The Shooter and other similar movies.

Peter is an IAA Licenced Immigration Adviser, number 200800214 since 2 October 2008.

With his qualifications and experience J Peter Hendrikx is ideally placed to assist you with your business and immigration requirements.

Please consider the following Experience, Skills and Attributes:

  • Ex Service Leader Business Migration Branch - INZ
  • Accredited Business Mentor - Business Mentors New Zealand
  • Immigration Law and Practice in New Zealand - Massey University
  • Small Business Accounting - New Zealand
  • Graduate School Executive Programmes - NZIM New Zealand
  • International Management Courses - Belgium, France and Canada
  • Sony Management Game - Canada
  • Merchandise/Buying Manager - Multi international in the UK
  • Retail Manager - The Netherlands
  • Marketing Manager - LOI, The Netherlands
  • Business School - The Netherlands


21/07/20 - Update BMB

The Approval rates for BUSINESS applications for the period 1 July 2019 to 31 January 2020 are as follow;

  • EWV Interim – 15% Approval rate
  • EWV Balance – 79% Approval rate
  • EWV Renewal – 57% Approval rate
  • EWV Reconsideration – 20% Approval Rate
  • Entrepreneur Residence – 59% Approval Rate

21/11/19 - Policy update, the NEW way

For more information, please click here

IPT Decisions

The quality of decisions from INZ appear to decrease! Please refer to the Annual Report from the IPT for 2017 where on average 33% of Appeals with the IPT is allowed! A news paper article in 1 NEWS NOW dated 21/02/2019 confirms that four out of every ten appeals against INZ are upheld! That is an increase from 33% to now 40% of appeals being allowed or upheld against INZ!

Licensed Adviser

Johannes Petrus (Peter) Hubertus Cornelis Hendrikx

Licensed Immigration Adviser
License number: 200800214

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