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07/12/2023 - Prime Minister Luxon reveals his '49 actions' for first 100 days

The 49 prioritised actions announced this afternoon include:

  1. Repeal the Clean Car Discount scheme by December 31, 2023.
  2. Ban the use of cell phones in schools.
  3. Introduce legislation to remove the Auckland Fuel Tax.
  4. Repeal Fair Pay Agreement legislation.
  5. Stop "blanket speed limit reductions" and start work on replacing the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022.
  6. Stop central government work on the Auckland Light Rail project.
  7. Start work to improve the quality of regulation.
  8. Introduce legislation to repeal the Water Services Entities Act 2022, also known as the Three Waters reforms
  9. Introduce legislation to ban gang patches, stop gang members gathering in public, and stop known gang offenders from communicating with one another.
  10. Give police greater powers to search gang members for firearms and make gang membership an aggravating factor at sentencing.
  11. Introduce legislation to disestablish the Māori Health Authority.
  12. Begin work to repeal the Therapeutics Products Act 2023
  13. Allow the sale of cold medication containing pseudoephedrine
  14. Require primary and intermediate schools to teach an hour of reading, writing and maths per day starting in 2024.
  15. Begin disestablishing Te Pukenga.
  16. Stop all work on He Puapua.
  17. Stop work on the Income Insurance Scheme.
  18. Stop work on Industry Transformation Plans.
  19. Stop work on the Lake Onslow pumped hydro scheme.
  20. Begin efforts to double renewable energy production, including a National Policy Statement on Renewable Electricity Generation.
  21. Withdraw central government from Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM).
  22. Meet with councils and communities to establish regional requirements for recovery from Cyclone Gabrielle and other recent major flooding events.
  23. Make any additional Orders in Council needed to speed up cyclone and flood recovery efforts.
  24. Start reducing public sector expenditure, including consultant and contractor expenditure.
  25. Introduce legislation to narrow the Reserve Bank’s mandate to price stability.
  26. Cancel fuel tax hikes.
  27. Begin work on a new Government Policy Statement reflecting the new Roads of National Significance and new public transport priorities.
  28. Introduce legislation to restore 90-day trial periods for all businesses.
  29. Begin work on a National Infrastructure Agency.
  30. Repeal the Spatial Planning and Natural and Built Environment Act and introduce a fast-track consenting regime.
  31. Begin to cease implementation of new Significant Natural Areas and seek advice on the operation of the areas.
  32. Take policy decisions to amend the Overseas Investment Act 2005 to make it easier for build-to-rent housing to be developed in New Zealand.
  33. Begin work to enable more houses to be built, by implementing the National Party's Going for Housing Growth policy and making the Medium Density Residential Standards optional for councils.
  34. Abolish the previous Labour government’s prisoner reduction target.
  35. Stop taxpayer funding for section 27 cultural reports.
  36. Introduce legislation to extend eligibility to offence-based rehabilitation programmes to remand prisoners.
  37. Begin work to crack down on serious youth offending.
  38. Enable more virtual participation in court proceedings.
  39. Begin to repeal and replace Part 6 of the Arms Act 1983 relating to clubs and ranges.
  40. Improve security for the health workforce in hospital emergency departments.
  41. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Waikato University to progress a third medical school.
  42. By December 1, lodge a reservation against adopting amendments to World Health Organisation health regulations to allow the Government to consider these against a “national interest test”.
  43. Appoint an Expert Group to redesign the English and maths curricula for primary school students.
  44. Begin work on delivering better public services and strengthening democracy.
  45. Set five major targets for health system, including for wait times and cancer treatment.
  46. Take first steps to extend free breast cancer screening to those aged up to 74.
  47. Repeal amendments to the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990 and regulations.
  48. Establish a priority one category on the social housing waitlist to move families out of emergency housing into permanent homes more quickly.
  49. Commission an independent review into Kāinga Ora’s financial situation, procurement, and asset management.

27/11/2023 - Maximum continuous stay and longer visa length for the AEW

In June 2023, the Government announced changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV). 

These changes take effect on 27 November, and include: 

  • A 'maximum continuous stay' of five years for most AEWV holders, with shorter periods for workers in specific sectors. 
  • An increase in the maximum length of an AEWV to five years for people earning at least the median wage.  
  • An increase in the maximum length of an AEWV to three years for people in the care workforce sector paid the level three and four pay rates. 
  • An option for current AEWV holders to apply for the balance of the longer five-year or three-year visa if they are eligible.
  • Their current visa will not extend automatically to the longer length.  

To apply for the balance of the longer visa, AEWV holders will need to meet criteria. Employers of current AEWV holders may be able to reuse existing job tokens, without completing a Job Check, to support their worker to apply for the balance of the longer AEWV. There is criteria employers need to meet, including holding valid accreditation. 

Processing order for AEWV balance applications 

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) expects a significant number of people to be eligible for AEWV renewals for the balance of five years.

We will generally only start processing balance applications when their current AEWV expiry date is within the next nine months. The applications for associated partners and dependents will also be queued until the AEWV application is decided. 

This processing order of AEWV renewal applications manages demands on INZ processing resources, while ensuring fair treatment of visa applications made to INZ.

In the unlikely situation that an applicant’s current AEWV expires before we complete their balance application, the holder will be eligible for an interim visa to let them stay and continue their job for up to six months.

Our website has information on these changes, including guidance on the steps current AEWV holders and their employers need to take to apply for the balance of the longer AEWV. 


From 27 November 2023, if you get an AEWV and you are paid at least the median wage:

  • your visa may last for up to 5 years (maximum visa length)
  • you can spend up to 5 years on 1 or more AEWVs (maximum continuous stay)
  • after 5 years if you want another AEWV you must spend at least 12 months in a row outside New Zealand first (time spent outside New Zealand)
  • after you spend the required time outside New Zealand you may be eligible for a further AEWV for up to 5 years.

10/11/2023 - Warning on recent immigration phone scams

Immigration New Zealand is aware of recent targeted phone scams coming from various New Zealand mobile numbers.

One example of these scams states the call is coming from 'The Immigration Bureau' saying there is a 'serious problem with your visa'. The call then prompts recipients to press different numbers for English or Chinese services.

Please be aware that these are not genuine calls from Immigration New Zealand. If you or someone you know receives this call or a similar one, report it to CERT NZ and do not engage further.

The Immigration New Zealand website has more information on recent scams, how to report them and how to protect yourself.


24/09/2023 - Changes Green List and other ...

Great to see a few additional roles added to the Green list amongst a raft of other changes. Specifically, the following roles will now have a pathway for residence and enable employers to hire migrants more easily.

  • Aircraft Maintenance EngineerAviation Engineer (Avionics, Aeronautical, Aerospace Engineer)
  • Corrections Officer
  • Fitter and Turner
  • Fitter general
  • Fitter-Welder
  • ICT Database and System Administrator
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Metal Machinist first class
  • Naval Architect (Marine Designer)
  • Panel Beater
  • Paving Plant Operator
  • Pressure Welder
  • Road Roller Operator
  • Vehicle Painter
  • Welder

Some other welcome changes;

  • Judicial warrant process for out-of-hours compliance visits
  • 2023/24 Recognised Seasonal Employer cap increased by 500
  • Additional roles for Construction and Infrastructure Sector Agreement
  • More roles added to Green List
  • Three-month extension for onshore Recovery Visa holders

17/05/2023 - Hot of the Press

Changes to the Partner of a Worker work visa settings.

From 31 May 2023, many partners of workers who hold an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) or an Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV) will need to work for an Accredited Employer and be paid at least the median wage, or if working in a role covered by an uncapped Sector Agreement, they must be paid at least the relevant wage threshold.
These conditions will need to be met at the time the employer provides the offer of employment, or for those who are already employed, from the start date of the work visa (whichever is the latest). Any subsequent changes to the employer’s accreditation, the median wage and sector agreements will not impact the visa holder for the duration of the visa if they remain in the same employment.
From 31 May 2023, people will be able to check on the INZ website if an employer is accredited.
The changes do not affect current work visa conditions or people who apply before 31 May 2023. There are no changes to visa conditions for partners of New Zealanders or partners of those holding other work visas (such as a Post Study Work Visa).
Supporting changes have been made to E3.26 (Varying the conditions of temporary entry class visas) to enable visa holders subject to the above conditions to apply to remove these conditions if their partner’s employment situation subsequently changes (for example, if their partner receives a pay rise taking their remuneration over twice the median wage, or if their occupation is added to the Green List).
These changes will take effect on 31 May 2023.

Source; INZ


09/11/2022 - Hot off the Press

Skilled Migrant Category,

Due to unprecedented demand, INZ has extended the deadline for the submission of Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa (SMC) expressions interest (EOIs) claiming 160 points to 1300 (NZDT) this Friday 11 November 2022.

This allows those who may have experienced issues with the online process more time to submit their EOI.

Changes to English language test requirements

INZ has changed the requirements to allow English language test results that are more than 2 years old to be submitted as evidence of an acceptable standard of English for residence applications. This applies to EOIs in the pool on or before 1300 (NZDT) 11 November 2022.

Changes have also been made to enable people to continue to submit an EOI if they have booked an English language test or requested an NZQA assessment.


07/11/2022 - Status and what it really means ...

Preparing Application

~ The system is determining if all the documents or evidence required for your application are there.

Waiting on you

~ The application is waiting for you to provide additional information or documentation.  Please note that the system does not always update immediately after you have provided what is requested.

Gathering Information

~ The system is gathering information from other sources, for example health and character checks, where applicable.

Under Assessment

~ The application is currently awaiting to be assessed by Immigration New Zealand staff.


21/10/2022 - Immigration changes create environment ‘worse than Middle East’ for some migrant workers, says immigration adviser representative

Immigration changes create environment ‘worse than Middle East’ for some migrant workers, says immigration adviser representative

Immigration Minister Michael Wood made an announcement about changes to residency visa criteria.

Licensed Immigration Adviser Association chairperson Jens Mueller says some of the Government’s planned changes to immigration settings will turn more migrants into temporary guest workers than the old system did.

Mueller said there were some positives within the Government’s recent immigration announcement about skilled migration, but there were also some worrying details “hidden" in the consultation document that accompanied it.

Read more: 21/10/2022 - Immigration changes create environment ‘worse than Middle East’ for some migrant...


12/10/2022- HOT OF THE PRESS !!!

Parent Resident Visa restarts

Selections for the Parent Resident Visa Category expressions of interest (EOIs) are restarting and the number of visas that can be granted each year has increased from 1,000 to 2,500. The income threshold required for sponsors has also been lowered. This means more people will be able to bring their parents to join them in New Zealand.

INZ will restart selections of EOIs from the current queue from 14 November, and selections are planned for every three months after that. New EOIs will be selected by ballot with the first selection in August 2023.

EOI selection has been paused since 2016 to allow for a review of the Parent Category settings. It was set to restart in 2020, however, it was further paused due to the pandemic. INZ appreciate things may have changed for many families since they submitted their EOIs, and they want to make sure they are aware of the options available to them.

Key details of the changes are noted below, and more information is on the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website.

Visa category

Read more: 12/10/2022- HOT OF THE PRESS !!!


12/10/2022 - HOT OF THE PRESS !!

Selections of expressions of interest (EOIs) for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa (SMC) will resume on 9 November 2022.
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) uses a points-based system to assess EOIs. On 9 November we will select all EOIs with at least 160 points, which is the current threshold.
After 9 November, the threshold will increase to 180 points.
EOIs will be selected again on 18 January 2023.
The threshold increase will only affect EOIS after 9 November 2022.
More information is available the Immigration New Zealand website.
Time line

Read more: 12/10/2022 - HOT OF THE PRESS !!


05/09/2022 - Green List Straight to Residence

As announced at the end of July, the Green List Straight to Residence pathway opens at 10am on 5 September 2022. 
Migrants employed in a role on the Green List may qualify for a Straight to Residence Visa or a Work to Residence Visa. 
We encourage people who have already applied for a 2021 Resident Visa to continue with their application, rather than applying for a Straight to Residence Visa as well. 
Green List role requirements

Read more: 05/09/2022 - Green List Straight to Residence

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