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21/01/2021 - The old boys' network is holding NZ back


Over the last 40 years, I have been a director, an active investor, and an advocate for both investor rights and responsibilities. 

I have always felt a degree of discomfort with the status quo when it comes to corporate governance, perhaps this is not surprising having been motivated to leave the UK by its class system and old boys' networks nearly 60 years ago.

Read more: 21/01/2021 - The old boys' network is holding NZ back


23/12/2020 - Extensions of work visas

The Government has announced a 6 month extension to the following visas for people in New Zealand to help fill continued labour shortages:

Read more: 23/12/2020 - Extensions of work visas


23/12/2020 - Median wage effective date

Immigration New Zealand will continue to use the 2019 median wage of $25.50 to determine visa conditions until at least July 2021, at which point it will rise to $27 an hour.

Source: INZ


23/12/2020 - Visa options

Options if your visa is expiring;

If your visa is due to expire, you need to either leave New Zealand or secure a new visa to stay.

Read more: 23/12/2020 - Visa options


23/12/2020 - New Visa conditions added

The Minister of Immigration has added a new condition to temporary entry class visas granted on or before 18 March 2020.

As the holder of a temporary entry class visa in New Zealand, it is now a condition of your visa that you follow COVID-19 rules. If you break these rules your immigration status may be at risk.

This new condition takes effect from the date you are notified.

Source: INZ


21/12/20 - Breaking news - Temporary visa holders.

The Government has announced visa changes to allow temporary migrant workers in New Zealand to continue to fill labour shortages. Employers are still expected to genuinely seek to fill job vacancies with New Zealanders.

Employer-assisted work visas extended by 6 months

Read more: 21/12/20 - Breaking news - Temporary visa holders.


13/12/20 - Māoriland: New Zealand's forgotten name

Analysis - In 2015, New Zealand's Parliament was in the middle of a fierce debate to change a part of our heritage, the national flag. But 110 years earlier, there was an argument over an even more fundamental part of NZ identity. Our name.

Musings in Māoriland was a collection of poetry by Thomas Bracken, author of NZ’s national anthem.

It was 1895 and the radical liberal MP Patrick O'Regan took the floor of Parliament with a proposal to ditch "New Zealand" in favour of a new name.

Read more: 13/12/20 - Māoriland: New Zealand's forgotten name


09/12/20 - Immigrant workers are more reliable and twice as productive as other workers

OPINION: The Government has brought in a $1000 work incentive and is loosening entry restrictions in a bid to tackle the country’s labour shortage for fruit picking.

But has the crisis caused by the border lockdown exposed a key reason that the industry relies on cheap immigrant labour?
Kiwis applying for jobs have reported low pay and poor conditions.

Rather than handing out tax money, should the industry be told to increase pay, improve conditions and be better employers?

Read more: 09/12/20 - Immigrant workers are more reliable and twice as productive as other workers


27/11/20 - Breaking News - Govt to allow 2000 horticulture workers ...

Govt to allow 2000 horticulture workers in from Pacific under strict conditions.

The government has offered help to the under-pressure horticultural sector by allowing 2000 Registered Seasonal Employer, or RSE, workers in to help pick fruit and vegetables this summer.

Read more: 27/11/20 - Breaking News - Govt to allow 2000 horticulture workers...


24/11/20 - Efforts under way to fill overseas student quota ...

Efforts under way to fill overseas student quota for border exemption

Officials are trying to allow dozens of overseas masters students into this country under a new border exemption announced by the government last month.

Read more: 24/11/20 - Efforts under way to fill overseas student quota...

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