New Zealand immigration applicants that wish to migrate to New Zealand on an Entrepreneur Work Visa must submit a detailed business plan.

This plan must be written in a specific format to be accepted by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). TNC has the skills and experience to develop a business plan, reducing the likelihood of delays or non acceptance in your efforts to obtain an Entrepreneur Work Visa.

If you wish Terra Nova Consultancy to write a Business Plan for immigration purposes, please contact TNC and inform us of your requirements.

Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd has written a significant number of business plans, and not only for immigration purposes. We also write and have written business plans for companies and or small business owners. These business plans may be written with a specific objective in mind, such as obtaining a bank loan or for attracting an investor. In fact, each business owner shpuld have a "living document", a business plan that can be revisted on a regualr basis to gauge perfomance and to check that the business is achieivng its objectives, and if not, what can be done about it.

Please contact TNC to make an appointment to discuss your particular interest and what information is required to assist you in that.

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Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd
14 Glanworth Place, Botany 2106
Manukau, Auckland 2106,
New Zealand

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Please arrange visit by appointment.

Mobile: +64 275 706 540

Postal Address:
PO Box 58385, Botany
Manukau, Auckland 2163,
New Zealand

Licensed Immigration Adviser

Johannes Petrus (Peter) Hubertus Cornelis Hendrikx

License number: 200800214

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