October 2016

Back from being away.... sorry for that.

This month quite some changes in the Immigration instruction;

  1. The family tier 1 application for parents is temporarily closed for 2 years. More information here. No use to lodge a new application as it will not be processed, suggest to sit it out when you have no alternatives and lodgea reaisence application in about 2 years. It is quite interesting to note that NZ Statisticscame out this month stating that New Zealand population is expected to get a whoile lot older in the next few decades. Read up about that here.
  2. English language requirements have been changed and this will have an immediate impact on the Skilled Migrant Category. Read up on this here
  3. The biggest change affecting a lot of student and work visa holders and possible immigrants under the SMC is the change of points from 100 - 140+ to now only 160+ points!! More information here. These points may change from time to time and this is the first major change since the start of the SMC. But it is one with a lot of impact; the number of students planning to come to NZ to study in the hope to find a job and then apply for residency will dramatically decrease, the number of people on work visas, that before the change would be eligible for residency, will decrease enormous. What does that meanfor employers? And what does it mean for the image of the NZ Immigration? Spending millions of dollars trying to make it work and than breaking it down in one day!! Tax dollars well spend!

January 2014

No so much to talk about other than that I had a great holiday with my spouse in Pahia with friends, visiting some vinyards (I happen to love the Ake Ake rose wine, extremely nice and with an excellent "summery" taste), drinking lots of coffee in Russell, lots of jet skiing on my Sea Doo, and more importantly, having some golf games at local golf courses!


November 2013

Last week a detailed report was released where New Zealand is ranked No 5 in the world in Prosperity.

Some of the top findings are;

  • This year, the US has moved down four places to 24th in the Economy sub-index. Countries that have overtaken the US in the Economy sub-index include New Zealand (17th) and South Korea (19th), among others.
  • The top ten countries include Sweden (1st), Denmark (2nd), Finland (3rd), Switzerland (4th), Luxembourg (5th), Norway (6th), Iceland (7th), Netherlands (8th), and United Kingdom (9th). Hong Kong makes up the top 10, placing 10th in the sub-index.
  • The UK has moved down three places to 16th in overall Prosperity, as a result of decreases in the rankings for six out eight sub-indices since last year. The UK has been leapfrogged by Austria (15th), Germany (14th), and Iceland (13th).

Please follow this link for more details


December 2013

Immigration have done it again; without any prior warning they closed the LTBV category! Possible candidates to start and operate a business have been told to wait till March 2014 when a new policy will be made public! Between "Sorry, we are closed for business" and "Welcome to New Zealand" those possible candidates may have found another destination!

The first reaction from the market is that people are really peefed-off, and I suggest that Immigration could have handled this closure of the LTBV and the opening of a new category much better and thus retain possible good business people for New Zealand.

Wishing you all a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

Thanks for your support and trust in me and my team this last year, I really appreciate that, it's more worth than any amount of money!!!


October 2013

Looking at my diary on my computer, I suddenly realise that it is already October 2013, nearly Christmas! Time really flies when you are having fun!

The months of August and September have both been poor months from a personal prespective. My mother passed away in Holland early August, and i had my second operation (first one in April this year) in the latter part of September, and I am scheduled for a third operation in November this year. Luckily, no serious ones, just small one-hour operations.

The year 2013 does honor to its number, a ANNUS HORRIBILIS, a Latin expression to describe this "horrible year"!

Despite the difficult times, we have had some great results and excellent decisions coming through, thanks to you and the team!

See you next time ...



21/07/20 - Update BMB

The Approval rates for BUSINESS applications for the period 1 July 2019 to 31 January 2020 are as follow;

  • EWV Interim – 15% Approval rate
  • EWV Balance – 79% Approval rate
  • EWV Renewal – 57% Approval rate
  • EWV Reconsideration – 20% Approval Rate
  • Entrepreneur Residence – 59% Approval Rate

21/11/19 - Policy update, the NEW way

For more information, please click here

IPT Decisions

The quality of decisions from INZ appear to decrease! Please refer to the Annual Report from the IPT for 2017 where on average 33% of Appeals with the IPT is allowed! A news paper article in 1 NEWS NOW dated 21/02/2019 confirms that four out of every ten appeals against INZ are upheld! That is an increase from 33% to now 40% of appeals being allowed or upheld against INZ!

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