November 2009

Another interesting month is bringing us closer to Christmas and the New Year. Highlights this month are the following;

  • Research recognises immigration's contribution to New Zealand. This is probably nothing new for those working in the industry however it is good that the government acknowledges this.
  • Tourism is to receive a boost. This also means that a promise made by John Key, the PM and Minister of Tourism, has been delivered. It is envisaged that this will drive New Zealand's economic recovery.
  • The Vatican is to accept married Anglican priest on a case by case basis. May be it is time that marriage of a priest in the catholic church is being accepted and therewith allowing more people in the priesthood.
  • New Immigration policy is announecd, the Entrepreneur PLUS.
  • The New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment, aka as the NZAMI, celebrated its 20th anniversary. The celebration was attended by many members and the Associate Minister of Immigration, the Hon Kate Wilkinson, who delivered a great speech advising that the Government wishes to work closely with the NZAMI.
  • The first of many CPD workshops from the IAA were conducted. Very good content and enjoyable day. One of the presentation slides covered the "Image of the professions - survey" based on a 2007 Morgan telephone poll in which diffrerent professional groups were rated as having "high" or "very high" standards of ethics and honesty. The result was astonishing and alarming, especially for those groups in bold;
  • Nurses, pharmacist, doctors, school teachers and engineers, these groups scored between 91% and 71%.
  • Dentists, judges, police, ministers of religion and accountants, these scored between 69% to 48%.
  • Lawyers, bank managers and public servants scored between 36% and 30%.
  • Talkback radio hosts, business executives, MP's, journalists, advertising people, estate agents and car sales people scored not higher than 20%.
  • That's it for now, see you next month ....

October 2009

Time flies, they say, especially when you are having fun. Indeed, it is now only a couple of weeks away from Christmas and the New Year, however before we do that, have a quick look at this month's highlights;

  • October started with a six years jail sentence for former MP Taito Fields.  Many people, and in specific the Island community, were shocked with this "harsh" sentence.
  • Good news on financial level; inflation remains at under 1.5% meaning no pressure to raise interest rates.
  • For the second time, the All Whites will be representing New Zealand on the world stage soccer at the World Cup in South Africa. A great penalty save and a fantastic header secured the only goal in the game and a place in the finals.
  • Holding a mobile phone while driving has become illegal. This obviously resulted in very strong sales of hands free devices.
  • The NZ Herald reported that the migration gain is the most in the last 5 years. It also reprted that more and more Ausies come to our shores for holidaying and skiing.
  • Honey appears to be the fastest growing industry in New Zealand at this moment. So next to sheep, we now also have more bees that inhabitants!
  • Last but not least, at the end of this month, the new Immigration Act passed its third reading. The objective is, as per policians, to enhance border security and improve efficiency of the immigration services. Others say it is a clever act to ensure that government can do what they want without too much interference.
Thats' it for now, see you next month...




August 2009

Some of the highlights this month are the below in bullet points;

  • The man behind the alleged passport scam is now facing 39 fraud related charges.
  • A former Mangere PM has been found guilty of 26 charges.
  • It appears that the property market has found some stability, in Auckland that is. The remainder of the country will follow in the months to come. It is also said that a shortage of property listings appear to ensure an increase of the house prices.
  • The New Zealand economic recovery appears to boost the New Zealand currency, good news for importers, bad news for exporters.
  • One of the reasons given for this economical improvement is migration.
  • Mr Michael Law engaged in a hot sipute on how to spell W(h)anganui.

In all it appers that Auguast was a good month with some very positive news. Economy improving through migration, laws to protect immigrants that appear to be working, and a boost for business in general.

Long may it continue!




September 2009

A busy month with many highlights and interesting issues. The high lights I have picked this week are as follow with some personal observations;

  • A ministerial report re-confirms the strong contribution made to NZ by the small to medium enterprises. This related to Immigration and in particular to the Long Term Business Visa applications, would in my view support a move to relax some of the policy requirements, for example the lowering of the English language requirement component of the policy. In my experience LTBV holders do not only operate their business, and may I ad on their own risk, in general they also bring funds and asets, knowledge and experience and perhaps more importantly, overseas networks to the New Zealand market. All these are a real benefit to New Zealand, now and in the future. In conclusion, lets have more LTBV applications through the lowering of some of the policy components.
  • Foreigners (non-residents) giving birth in New Zealand have racked up milions of dollars in unpaid bills despite rules around maternity care being tightened in 2003. That only means one thing in my view; the "new" rules are not working and need to be re-assessed.
  • The IAA appears to have been flooded with complaints, in other words, the ILACT seems to be working. The IAA also published a report evidencing that migrants are more satisfied with the services they receive from a licenced adviser. Please refer to the article.
  • What about figures? How do you interpret them and where are they coming from? An example; The Dominion Post (21/09/09) states that migration remains strong while Radion NZ (21/09/09) states that migrant numbers are falling! Who is right here and where are those figures/enterpretations coming from?
  • From the financial world, banks are reducing mortgage rates while the NZ dollar keeps on climbing. Good news for importers, not so good for exporters such as meat and milk companies, the main export commodity of NZ
  • From a banker's point of view, the following is a contribution from the National Bank : Business confidence has taken another strong step forward. A net 49 percent expect better times ahead – levels not seen since 1999, as the post Asian crisis recovery took hold. Confidence was up across all sectors bar construction, but this sector still remains the most optimistic with a net 63 percent expecting better times ahead.

Firms’ own activity expectations nudged up a further 6 percentage points on last month. A net 32 percent expect better times ahead. The sectoral picture is somewhat mixed with retailing and manufacturing down marginally but agriculture, construction and services rising sharply. 

Employment intentions continue to recover — off precipitous lows. A net 2 percent expect to increase staff over the year ahead — the first positive reading in 18 months and snaps a record losing streak. 

Across other survey indicators, export intentions were down, but appear surprisingly resilient in the face of  the higher New Zealand dollar. Pricing intentions weakened, with a net 9  percent expecting to raise prices over the year ahead (previously +15).
That's all folks, see you next month ....



July 2009

If I have to make a pick out of some articles this month than I would pick the following;

The unfortunate daeath of Michael Jackson. I still can remember him as a youngster at the age 8 to 10 years appearing on TV shows (it shows my age doesn't it). Everbody said then already he is going to be a big star. And yes that is exactly what happened! determination, focus nd aa will to achieve something great propelled him to become one of the best performers of all time, if not the best.

The IAA exempting non-lawyer employees. This in my view is shocking! What is the difference between an employee of a lawyer and an employee of a company of which the owner is an IAA licence holder? I have the following view; when you are ill you go to a GP or doctor, when you have a toothache you see a dentist, when you have issues with the law you see a lawyer and when you wish to have immigration advise you see an IAA licenced adviser. Why, you may ask? All the above mentioned people are specialist in their own field and are actively involved in dealing with the relevant issues on a day to day basis. However a lawyer (don't get me wrong, this is generally speaking) has a finger in various pies and not many lawyers are only specialised in immigration, they also undertake other activities.

Productivity needs to increase according to the government and for that they have appointed a special task master, Hon Dr Don Brash. It's a great initiative that needs to be applauded, however in this case I believe that the government may also need to set examples of increased productivity in their own departments.

July also saw the introduction by INZ of the new nd weall overdue Investor Policy. This appears to be an excellent policy and has made quite some waves in the industry. For further detaied information, please click on this link where the policy is described.


05/12/19 - Update BMB

Details on BUSINESS applications as from today:

  • Allocation to a CO within a week
  • Decion time frame between 2 to 3 months
  • EWV applications 20% approval rate
  • Entrepreneur residence 50% approval rate

21/11/19 - Policy update, the NEW way

For more information, please click here

IPT Decisions

The quality of decisions from INZ appear to decrease! Please refer to the Annual Report from the IPT for 2017 where on average 33% of Appeals with the IPT is allowed! A news paper article in 1 NEWS NOW dated 21/02/2019 confirms that four out of every ten appeals against INZ are upheld! That is an increase from 33% to now 40% of appeals being allowed or upheld against INZ!

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