Read how a selected few of our clients, and in their own unedited words what they have to say about TNC and how they have benefited from TNC's services;

Please note that ALL below published client testimonials and or client reference letters are at our offices for viewing.

Dear Peter, I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional assistance in securing my New Zealand resident visa. Several years ago, you helped my partner's family immigrate to New Zealand, and their positive experience with your services is one of the reasons we entrusted you with our case. Your consistent track record of success and reliability has reinforced our trust in you. I truly appreciate your efficiency and the proactive communication you maintained with the New Zealand immigration throughout the process. Your professionalism and prompt responses made a significant difference, alleviating much of the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies such endeavors. Thank you once again for your outstanding service. I am immensely grateful for your help and would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of immigration assistance. Warm regards,

Yun Hao & Ziyi Zheng, NZ resident visa - Partnership

I would like to say Thank you to Peter Hendrikx of TNC for your time. I am very thankful for all the hard work you did on my partnership resident visa Application. My family and I can’t thank you enough for your dedication, Thank you so much for representing me in my case, I will definitely recommend TNC for any immigration issues to all my friends and family. Excellent service, The process was so fast, and they gave me all the necessary advice to achieve the visa.

Jignaben Maheshkumar Rathod. NZ resident visa - Partnership

Peter helped my husband get his visa in very little time so that he could be with me during our baby’s birth. No one could have made it happen other than Peter and I couldn’t be more grateful. He has helped us through every step of the process. He promptly responded to all my queries and was always available to help be it on call or via email. He had our back! After my partner received his temporary work visa, we even went to meet him in his office and he was very warm and welcoming. Peter guided us through the exact steps we needed to take to get my partner’s residency and clearly explained what evidence would be useful to provide to immigration. That being said, I was highly confident that my partner would receive his resident visa before his work visa expired and yet again, Peter made it happen the second time around. My experience of working with Peter has been extremely pleasant and smooth. I would recommend anyone and everyone seeking advice for immigration purposes to consult with Peter as his expertise and knowledge are extremely valuable. He has brought my family to me in my country and I will always be thankful to him. All the best Peter! You have our good wishes.

JNayyar and family, Partner Work Visa Family Stream, Partner Residence Visa Family Stream

"Hi Peter, I just want to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for all the help and support you have provided in getting our residency approved. After an arduous journey spanning nearly seven long years, we have finally reached this significant milestone. Throughout this entire process, you have been an invaluable source of guidance and support. Your timely advice and meticulous attention to detail ensured that we were well-prepared at each stage. Your unwavering support and empathetic approach truly set you apart. You were always there to address our concerns, patiently listen to our worries, and provide reassurance when we needed it the most. Your willingness to go above and beyond to assist us throughout this journey has not gone unnoticed, and we are eternally grateful for your kindness. It is an indescribable relief and joy to have received the approval for our residency. The weight that has been lifted off our shoulders is immeasurable, and it has opened up new avenues of opportunities for us and our family. This achievement has transformed our lives in ways we could never have imagined, and we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to you for playing such an integral role in this accomplishment. Once again, Peter, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us.  With deepest appreciation,

Family Cronje, SMC, Work to Residence Work Visa, 2021 Residence Visa

"Dear Peter, I want to thank you for your consistent communication and your way of explaining everything in a simple language for P and myself. You even took it on board to chase our appeal to see if there was any updates for us to know about. You were helpful in making sure that we had references from everyone possible so P had every possible chance to enable her to win her appeal. We are so lucky to have you through this process and would recommend you to anyone. First thing P said was you were so easy to understand as English being her second language. So a huge thank you for representing P and we of course are so lucky to have this second chance for P I know she will show us all,  Including herself she has now got the ability to carry on with her studies. She has learnt getting help for her mental health is vital. So from both of us a huge thanks for your great work and help.

PEG, IPT Appeal against Deportation, Student Visa for one yesr

"I have personally worked with TerraNova Consultancy for several years and have found Peter to be the consummate gentleman throughout our dealings.  Peter's professionalism combined with his vast technical knowledge has led to successfully finalizing several Visa applications on my behalf in a most timely manner.  For proven results, anyone seeking Immigration advice should feel free to contact TerraNova Consultancy for fast, efficient and friendly servicing".

Theodore Sofia, Essential Skiils Work Visas, 2021 Residence Visa

"Dear Peter,  I would like to thank you on behalf of my family. In 2018, I met you through my company, and you used your efficiency, quality and patience to help me and my family step by step from work visa and student visa to obtaining resident visa. When various changes have taken place in New Zealand's immigration policy, you help me control all kinds of opportunities and risks; when my husband is unable to enter the country because of the epidemic, you provide me with all kinds of advice to help me provide additional materials to prove our relationship; when I am anxiously waiting for a resident visa with my two children, you help me communicate with the immigration office patiently. With your help for four years, my family and I finally got a resident visa and achieved family reunion.
I will recommend Terra nova consultancy to everyone who needs support with Immigration matters. Thanks heaps once again Peter !

Family MYU (married couple with 2 children), Student Visa, Work Visa, Work to Residence Visa, 2021 Residence

"One of My friend recommended me to go to Terra Nova consultancy. I made an appointment with Mr. Peter in November 2019 and after that I moved to Hamilton. From after that we were in touch with each other and on completion of two years work experience Mr. Peter Advised me to Lodge EOI in April 2021 which I did and the selection for EOI was suspended at that time. Afterwards,the announcement came on 29.09.2021 about the New 2022 Resident Visa and I was informed by Mr. Peter to lodge the Application which I did. Then, I applied for the visa and in April this month I received my Approval. It was a long journey of almost 5 years and this all become possible with the help of Terra Nova consultancy and Mr. Peter he is having a deep knowledge of all Immigration process. In addition he will Guide you on the phone as a friend. I will recommend Terra nova consultancy to everyone who needs support with Immigration matters. Thanks heaps once again Mr. Peter !

Harry Singh, SMC EOI, 2021 Residence Visa

"Peter is not just a great Immigration Adviser, but also an amazing person, very empathic and friendly. We've processed 5 visas with him: 2 work visas, 2 partner visas, and finally our Residence from Work. We never have an issue in any of our applications; we obviously have many questions but Peter was always available for us, and he patiently answered every single question in detail because he has a deep understanding of the immigration system and he's always up to date with the latest changes (you can see he's very active posting about the latest changes on Immigration New Zealand). We always felt comfortable knowing that he was in charge of all the paperwork and communication with Immigration New Zealand. There's no way I can recommend him and his team more to anybody that is looking for immigration advice. Once again, thanks Peter, for everything you did for us.

Angela and Danilo, 2x Work Visa, 2x Partnership Work Visa, Residence from Work

"Kimberly and Peter were absolutely amazing. They were always available and quick to respond to all our queries. Peter always clarifies all my doubts on our Residency application. Peter made it easy for us on this the application - stress free. Approval have been received less than a month upon our submission! We highly recommend them to everyone who needs assistance on their Immigration application. BIG Thank YOU

Victorio Family, 2021 Residence Visa

"I would like to appreciate Peter in this letter. Peter helped me to get my open work visa, employer-sponsor work visa, and my resident visa. He gave me lots of professional suggestions when I made the decision and when I provided documents to INZ. He makes sure the documents and information provided to INZ are correct and matched to the requirement. Due to COVID-19, it took me long time to get my resident visa. I was quite worried about my resident visa, especially in the last stages. Peter gave me his full support and kept motivating me by helping me to contact with case officer. I do appreciate his efforts and support. I got my resident visa before Christmas this year. It is a wonderful Christmas gift for me. I will refer my friends to Peter in the future if they need Immigration Advisor as he is very professional and has rich experience in immigration. Thank you, Peter. All the best for you and your business.

Jinhao Silvia ZHENG, Open Work Visa, Employer Sponsored Work Visa, Residence SMC


Hi Peter, I am writing this email to say thank you for helping us getting my Fiancé (Mandeep’s) residency so quick. We are so grateful for all your work that you have done to get the results so fast. We would definitely be in contact with you in the future to get our parents visas. Also, we would love to recommend our friends to get in touch with you if they need any help for immigration purposes. Once again, Thanks a lot for everything. You have a good Christmas as well as well Happy New Year

M Singh, Work to Residence, Residence from Work and 2021 Residence


We would like to thank Peter, our Immigration Consultant, for his services and assistance in the process of the application of my husband's Residence Visa. Peter was very professional and knowledgeable. He was also prepared for the unknown like to COVID pandemic. Throughout the journey, he guided us and gave us peace of mind. He was very thorough and was an excellent advocate on our behalf. We do not have hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who is applying for any type of NZ visa

VE Rone and LP Rone, Partner Work Visa and Residence Family Partner

Dear Peter is with pleasure that I am writing this letter to say thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family. Your work is really incredible you managed our visas in such a professional way and efficient way, we were surprised how fast the visa came out so I really appreciate everything that you did for us. I highly recommend you and your team, so thank you once more for your attention and your amazing work! My best regards.

Fabio Armesto and family, Essential Skiils Work Visa (3 yrs), Partner open work visa and Dependent child student visa

I was very stressed by visiting lots of lawyers and consultants. Everyones answer was sorry its hard for your visa the ratio of visa you want to apply decline rate is 98%. And a friend reffered me to go and get advise from Terra Nova Consultancy when i arrived to see Peter in the first 15 minutes i realised it is going to happen the way Peter guided me and listened to my situation and went through my requirements Peter said lets try it impossible is nothing. Yes that was the answer i was waiting for and we started the process every meeting was like a gathering with a family members the advises were like a goal achieving the way of guidence was very smooth even if Peter was not there Peter's Mrs Kimberly was the guidence of some steps too. we worked on my visa process Peter gave me 4 months of timing and it happenend the miracle happened. Exactly in 4 months the impossible thing happened in to possible. Thankfully my visa arrived Very Very Great Job Terra Nova Consultancy. Hope to see you growing in future. Very Proud Team Proffesional and Easy to handle every hard situation....... Again Thank you from my Heart.

Qahir Nazar, Business Plan and Entrepreneur Work Visa

Dear Peter, Is with joy that we are writing this letter to say Tank you and your Team for the incredible work you have done to us and our Family. Francisco’s Partner Visas and Residency have been managed in such professional and efficient way that we could not believe how fast it arrived – about 3moths only for his Residency.  We highly recommend you guys and once more: Thank you so much for your attention and spotless work! Our Best Regards.

Veronica de Oliveira & Francisco Ziliani, Partner Work Visa, Residence Family Partner

Me and my partner have just go approved for a residency visa under the Skilled Migrant Category. We have applied for it in December 2018, initially by our own. The first contact from the Case Officer was only in August 2020, when I also called Peter for advice. Since then, he took my case. During this time, ever since our first contact, he was extremely clear and precise. The communication was always really fast and effective, through emailand phone calls. I live in Tauranga, so for me it was the main point. I wish I had contacted him from the beginning of my application. Things would be a lot less tough and stressful. I would definitely recommend Peter for any kind of visa application. Thanks for everything and I'll get in touch when I am applying for the permanent residency.

Fernanda A Azuma, Residence throught the Skilled Migrant Category

Very exited my wife’s PR was finally approve. We want to say thanks to Peter who is our Immigration consultant. Our case is vary difficult to get success. My wife’s tourist visa was refused twice, So I also changed three different immigration consultants, However, Immigration New Zealand still not approved her tourist visa application and previous immigration consultants made lots of misleading. In the toughest time, My friend introduced PETER to me, At first I didn't have much hope, we just wanted to try, and there was no better way to us. Peter used his expertise and years of immigration experience to help us analysis and write explanation letter. In 2017 My wife’s tourist visa has been approved. In 2018 my wife come to New Zealand and stay with me, we start to apply one year Partner Work Visa, In 2019 we apply the Permanent Residence Visa, this is the most difficult one to get for us. Because my wife has been refused twice on tourist visa, and the immigration asked a lot of tricky questions. Peter was very patient and gave us the most direct advice and helped us write an explanation letter again.
Because of Peter’s profession Finally My wife’s Permanent Residence Visa has been approved on July/2020. For Peter, it may be just one of many applications, but it is of great significance to us. We can start our own lives in New Zealand. So we want to say thank you so much and wish all the best for you.

Yanzhe Wu & Pei Min, Visitor Visa, Partner Work Visa, Residence Family Partner

This is the second time my family has processed a visa application through Terra Nova Consultancy, especially during COVID-19
. In the context of the pandemic, we completed most of the data preparation before the lockdown, but entire New Zealand entered the lockdown. In this case, we must postpone and wait. The impact of the epidemic on New Zealand’s economy and employment is beyond our imagination. I pay close attention to the policy developments of the Immigration Bureau almost every day. For those who apply for visas, this is the case. A lot of torture and suffering. When the New Zealand government announced that the epidemic level was reduced to level 1, I communicated with Peter and listened to Peter's professional advice to prepare the materials and documents needed by the Immigration Bureau. And I successfully applied for a visa. I know that our family's visa application is successful, and we cannot do without Peter's professional advice and support. My family and I are very grateful to Terra Nova Consultancy.

Fam Wu, Essential Skills Work Visa, valid for 5 years

I would like to say thanks to Terra Nova Consultancy for its professional and accurate advice. I would like to say thanks to Peter for his great dedication towards my file and especially through this pandemic situation. I greatly appreciate his time and effort.

Anmol G, Essential Skills Work Visa, valid for 3 years

Dear Peter, Thank you very much for your hard work so that our family can get the visa smoothly. In July 2018 I went to New Zealand for further study and there was a very good opportunity for me to stay in school and work. In 2019 I was recommended by the school to get to know you. I am very satisfied with your seriousness and carefulness. You have understood all my work experience and learning experience, evaluated my overall situation, and given me a lot of very good suggestions. After graduation I have the confidence to apply for a work visa in the next step. I graduated successful|y in July 2019. You analysed the Immigration policy very carefully and immediately helped me apply for a work visa. Because my husband works in China, he only stays in New Zealand for two months a year to accompany us, but we have a very good relationship. According to the requirements of the Immigration Bureau for the relationship between husband and wife my family is very worried about my husband's visa, and you have given me a lot of good advice。 My husband and my children apply for a visa with me. At the same time you help me analyse the pros and cons of submitting a visa and how to provide documents and related materials to prove the relationship between husband and wife. Our visa was successfully approved less than two months after it was submitted. My whole family can stay in New Zealand to work and study smoothly. When I came to New Zealand I met many visa companies. I have handled my personal tourist visa, student visa, my husband's spouse's work visa and my child's student visa. You are the meticulous, serious and rigorous immigration consultant. You can do a very complete preparation for clients before applying for a visa. In the process of handling, you can help me think of all kinds of questions that the immigration officer can ask. My family is very grateful to you.l will introduce my friend to you in the future. You are a great immigration consultant.

Mrs MYu and dependent family members, Work to Residence work visa

Dear Peter, we would like to thank you for all your support to get my wife Residency under Partnership Visa. Peter is totally dedicated to providing the very best service and advice and goes well beyond the expected service of Immigration Advisor, his knowledge, experience and acumen is sound and his manner congenial and most helpful. His main concern is to retain the loyalty of his customers by providing them with an excellent support service which is properly tailored to their needs.

I have and will continue to have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the service of this excellent company.
Wishing you all the best and keep up the good work.

Henish & Shita, Residence Family Partner

Dear Peter, I'm writing this letter to say thank you for helping us to get my husband's residency on 10 December 2019. And also to give us incrustation with the right information that required by New Zealand Immigation. We are really happy that after all the srtruggles we have been through we have got the residency you made it possible by pushing the offices of the New Zealand immigration.

Thank you once again and keep up the hard work you do to help others.

Faisal & Noor, Family Partner Temporary visas, followed by Residence Family Partner


Dear Peter, we like to take this opportunity to "Thank you" for your professional support. We have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you because of your friendly, patience and support throughout the application process. The result of our application is evidence of your impeccable attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the immigration legislation and procedures. With your help we were able to get our New Zealand Permanent Residency. We appreciate your professionalism but also your high level of commitment throughout the application process.

Once again, we extend our gratitude. We have no qualms in recommending anyone to you becauseof your integrity and professionalism.

S & A Gill, Residence throught the Skilled Migrant Category

Dear Peter, I, CFKC and my partner AED am writing this letter to express our thankfulness for your professional advice and service. We were referred to see you at Terra Nova Consultancy Limited by our landlord TW as he was confident in your success. We can both say that T was 100% correct. Thank you for your support through our process of applying for my residency and giving us a clear picture of our future. We are so grateful for your experience and knowledge in your area of expertise. I believe words are not enough to describe our appreciation towards you and your team at Terra Nova Consultancy Limited. We would highly recommend anyone who needs advice for New Zealand migration services to Terra Nova Consultancy limited. Peter always makes himself avaiable for his clients and will go the extra mile to talk to you. You will be in capable hands. Thanks Peter for your patient, wisdom and friendly smile.

We look forward to applying for my permanent residence and citizenship with you.

CFK Chan and AE Dang, Family Partner Temporary and Residence

Dear Peter, we would like to thank you for all your support. You have always helped us to do the right things and you guided us with the perfect advice that we didn't know that even possible. We are really happy that we had the privilege to have you as our best immigration adviser. So therefore we would like to recommend Terra Nova Consultancy as a professional services and amazing people.

Thanks once again we really appreciate for everything you have done for us to get the residency,

DBegum and JUddin, Family Partner Temporary and Residence

Dear Peter, I would like to thank you for all your BIG help! You guide us with the perfect advice that we didn't know that even possible. I'm more than happy that we had the privilege to have YOU as our immigration adviser, Therefore I would like to recommend Terra Nova Consultant as a professional services and wonderful people! 

Thanks again we are really appreciate everything you have done for us!

Family Avdish, WV with Accredited Employer, WV Partner, SV's and VV

My name is Juliana Marques and I was reffered to Peter from Terra Nova Consulatancy by a friend of mine who also got her residency. It was in April 2017 and I had to go back to Brazil as I had my work visa declined. Due to the airline tickets' prices, I remained in NZ for 10 days after the deadline ordered by Imimgration. By this time I was already living with my boyfriend at the time and today my husband, Todd. The distance was devasteting. So I contact Peter through e-mail and he responded immediatly. My husband went to his office and we had our meetings through Skype. Peter managed to help me with my partner visitor visa, partner work visa, and my residency. The most important detail for me is the fact that he was always available to clarify any questions or worries that we could have. Peter kept me updated of all Immigration requests and decisions. Instructed me on how to prepare myself for each step of the process, documents, files, applications. In my opinion it's very important to trust in the person that is taking care of your legal issues and that's how I felt about Terra Nova Consultancy.

Thanks for all your support!   

Juliana and Todd, from Visitor Visa through Partner Work Visa to Partner Residence

Eing and I were reflecting on how fortunate we both are to have had you as our immigration advisor
We are both quite sure basses on accounts we have heard and people we have met that our path to residencey was a smoothe one only because of your skill experience and diplomacy. You may not hear us, but we thank you everyday.

Eing and partner David, Work Visa NZ Partner folowed by Residence under Partnership

Dear Peter Hendrikx, A HUGE HUGE thanks for all your help with my essential visa!!! You made me feel confident and took away my worries, also helped explain each stage of the process. You are very professional but easy going in day-to-day emails. I knew that I was dealing with a person who is highly professional in what he does. You are a lifesaver as far as we are concerned! Thank you for putting up with my many of questions and always being so good to reply straight away.I appreciate all your help and I will definitely recommend you (Terra nova consultancy) to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

Savan Patel, Work Visa Essential Skills

“Dear Peter, Thank you so much for all your hard work. It has been a very long 3 years process, and with al the bumps and the hiccups on the way you have been very helpful. I can't believe when you told me the good news it was on my mum's birthday day. That was the best ever birthday gift for her and my family and the best charismas as well, we appreciate your professional service and the advice that got us through, I would definitely recommend you to family and friends. Yours sincerely,

J He, Sponsor for Approved Residence Family Parent category

“Peter has done an amazing job helping me to apply for Residency Visa through Skilled Migrant category! I came for consultation when my first try to apply for Residency Visa on my own had lapsed while I had complications renewing my work visa. I was working for a small company, and it was hard to prove that my salary was in range of competitive ones at the market. Giving a second try for my residency application, I decided to seek for qualifying help as I believed it was going to easy my panic, stress, and difficult situations - and I did not look back since that time. Not only Peter is licensed immigration advisor and has a long time experience helping people with their visas, but he also used to work as an Immigration Officer and hence has the vast knowledge of policies. He explained me my chances and options, and we build a strategy. Peter helped me organise the documents, took over the communications with the Immigration Officer and my employer, and composed all the necessary letters and replies during the process to support the application. Peter's service is welcoming, friendly, and hasle free. I belive qualified professional help is crucial in such a stressful situations as mine. Thank you, Peter! :)

Kate Golyashova, Residence under SMC

“Dear Peter, I’m glad to share the experience of working with you to others who have a dream and want to make it happen. From the first consultation, following up all the progress till the application approved, you were ALWAYS (weekends, nights) there to provide professional advice, and that helped to calm an anxious applicant. Although the process and waiting was lengthy and tedious, it’s all worth it now. I will continue to recommend your service to my friends and students. Thanks again for all your support and fantastic service!

Mostafa Hadidi, Work to Residency under SMC

“Kia Ora Peter, Happy Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and Korean Chuseok Festival today! I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for assisting me getting my Resident Visa under the Family Category, my family and I are so delighted and fortunate that we chose you as our immigrant advisor, you carefully and expertly guided me through what can be a stressful process of applying Resident Visa, always keep me informed each step of the way it was all painless and straightforward. I greatly appreciated having your advice and professionalism, equally important has been your ability to response me extremely quick. The application process could be stressful to me but with your expertise it all went smoothly and the best result was obtained finally. I was very happy that I trusted you to apply my Resident Visa and would without any hesitation to recommend you and your team to my friends who are going to apply their Visa here. Kind Regards and God Bless."

Zhigang Ma, Residence under Family Stream


“ Greetings! I am a client of Peter. In this long and difficult journey of immigration application, immigration consultant Mr Peter and interpreter Xiao Yang worked hard and patiently for a long period of time, due to their effort, my daughter and I finally gained our New Zealand permanent residencies. We are very grateful and thank Mr Peter and his team for their assistance in our immigration process. When we submitted our immigration application, it was a time when there was a tightening of immigration policies in various countries globally, New Zealand government was affected by this sentiment and also reduced the immigration quota every year, this negatively u=impacted our case. During the course of our application, the immigration office kept requesting more detailed additional documents. But no matter what challenges were presented to us, Mr Peter would find ways to resolve, he is professional and experienced, he was able to communicate well with the immigration office and gradually overcome hurdles to finally satisfied all document requirements and submitted to the immigration office. Due to Mr Peter’s guidance and assistance throughout the process, my daughter and I could reunite again in New Zealand in a short period of time. Once again, I express my deepest gratitude to Terra Nova Consultancy. Finally, best wishes to Terra Nova Consultancy, wish their consultancy business more success and prosperity.

Xi & Li Zhou, husband Chaoji Su, Residence under Family Stream


“Dear Peter, I would like to thank you for helping me all the way in getting my residence visa. I appreciate all your help and support which I needed. You are very professional and I would be my recommending you to my family and friends for any immigration advice. Once again very thankful for all your help and support.

Jagjit Singh, Residence under SMC

"Dear Peter, I would like to thank you for helping me all the way in getting my residence visa. You are always there whenever I need your support and help. You are professional and patient and I knew I can always trust you. Should I have any friends who need immigration advice, I will definitely recommend you to them. I wouldn’t have achieved it without your help. Thanks and all the best

Lily Yang, Residence under SMC

“Hi Peter,  I would Like to thank you for being very professional and supportive . I am very lucky for having you as my immigration advisor. I know when i came for first time and you advised me to changed position for residency that's my turning point of my life and got be honest I trusted you about what you suggested me for application and today i got result in my hand and i will remember you in my life because without your guidans and support I wouldn't get it . Peter you give me the chance to start my career in New Zealand and i will remember your such a greatfull help in my life and i will give your name to everyone who ask me for immigration advisor. Big thanks again Peter after 5 years i got a chance to see my parents because of you thank you thank you very much. Excellent job you have done. Thanks”

Henish Patel, Residence under SMC

"I'm lucky to have J Peter Hendrikx, the managing director of Terra Nova Consultancy ltd as our immigration adviser to help us with applying for me and my partner's resident visa. We're deeply impressed by JPeter's professional advises, his patience and his high level working efficiency. Our best friend recommend JPeter to us, and they said, "He is one of the most experienced immigration advisers in New Zealand, and trust us, he will 100% help you to get your resident visa." After witnessing JPeter's professional works and succesfully getting our resident visa, I'll say the same words our friends said to us; JPeter is the most recommendable immigration adviser for you!. He insists on preparing and writing documents for clients himself to ensure high quality of his work, whis is I sincerely respected part. I felt I was truly treated as an important client in Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd. PS Dogs and cats in his company are fluffy and cute!

Xiang Ji & Yuanqian Xu, Residence under SMC

"Dear Peter. This is from Lirong Zhang. My family and I are very happy grateful for your help. After we got our LTBV visa, you often concerned with my work and encouraged me to improve achievement. When we were entitled to apply resident visa, you help my family to do it. Thank you so much for getting us the approval of resident visa. We are really happy, proud and lucky enough for having you as our immigration consultant. You have been very professional and serious when you followed through with us from LTBV to resident visa. You gave valuable advice on my work and preparations of documents that will be advantageous for the application. We think you are one of the best consultant for the immigration. Thanks Peter for what you have done for us! We wish your business will get better and better! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! Yours sincerely

Lirong Zhang and her family, LTBV and Residence under Entrepreneur category

"Dear Peter, I’ll remember the name for the rest of my life, I am very thankful that you were my Immigration Consultant. I really want to say thanks from the heart but words cannot express my feelings, because I’ll never be able to repay what you have done for me. You enlighten buy future and cringed joy to my whole family. I remember the day that Sunny bring me to your office and you were so positive with me and you said, we can make it happen. You supported me throughout the process and replied spontaneously whenever I had any doubt or queries. I would highly recommend J Peter Hendrikx for anything related to Immigration to anyone. Once again, thank you very much for making me residence of New Zealand. You made my day. Happy Christmas and enjoy your holidays"

Parth Rajeshkumar Patel, Residence through Skilled Migrant Category


"Following a recommendation from a friend, I contacted Terra Nova Immigration Consultancy  for help.Right from the start Peter at Terra Nova Consultancy was supportive, understanding and highly knowledgeable of the complexities of immigration law…Peter has guided me to ensure that i have provided the right information to achieve a successful result. Very pleased I choose to go with Terra Nova  immigration Consultency for my Permanent Residency. Peter was wonderful, helping me in my work visa application twice and made my residency application successful too. Peter Hendrix knowledge and understanding of the immigration system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything!"

Harprit Singh Sandhu, Residence through Skilled Migrant Category

"Hi Peter, I want to Thank you for all the hard work with both of my applications (work and residency visa based on partnership) and your valuable advise. I was impressed by your flexibility due to our traffic jam problems or last minute work engagements. You made the process look so simple and painless and you guided us through all the necessary documentation. Thank you again. I would recomment you 100% to anybody I know.

GTimko, Work Visa Partnership, Residence through Partnership

"Dear Peter, What can I said, I know you for more then 7 years and the only think I have to say is: It’s BIG THANK YOU for you, can’t find any words to express my heart feeling to you. It’s been more then 2 years waiting for my parents residency, you always support us and give us the hope for better future. My parents finally got they residence approval for Family parent category and if wasn’t for you we don’t know what to do. I and my whole family are more then grateful and we will remember that. God bless you and your family. Regards, La Rosa Family (Marcio, Tamires, Bella, Pietro, Remi and Lisete)

RLdRosa & Lisete, Residence through Family Tier 1

"Around a year ago, we have decided to see if we had any chances to become New Zealand Residents. After two years with Work Visas, we still did not know if we were qualified enough to apply through Skilled Migrant Category. So a Brazilian friend told us about Peter and said: “The greatest thing about him is that he is 100% honest, if he thinks you do not have chances, he will say straight away; but if he says you will get it, you can trust him”. Thats sounded good enough for us. We had a special situation as well because I was about to leave the country for 5 months to study overseas. Thiago then went for his first meeting with Peter and he was very clear about our chances, how everything would work out and how long it could take to do it. Step by step, he told us exactly what to do, which documents we should validate and translate and how to present everything. Dealing with Immigration is never easy, especially when we are in a bigger city like Auckland. We get secure about how to fill the papers even the simplest things, and having Peter as an Adviser was a relief. We had an issue during our application  process and Peter was very supportive; giving us the real idea about the situation and, of course, guiding us through it. After all, within 7 months, we have got our Resident Visas and it is hard to describe this feeling: we feel free to do so many things in the country we chose to live, like study new things or think about business. It is amazing. There are no words to describe how professional Peter is. We will always be grateful for everything he did, and we always tell our friends to get him as a Visa Advisor because he is really good, and we know how important this is when you can not sleep waiting for immigration’s answer. Our biggest THANK YOU to Peter Hendrikx who helped us to make a dream come true.

TBorba & ABueno, Residence through Skilled Migrant Category

"Dear Peter, Dank je wel! I can’t find any words to express my heart feeling to you. I am very happy and surprised that I can get the Residence Visa under the Skill Migrant Category within just b4 months time from EOI to the approval of Resident Visa. Please allow me to say Thank You again. Because of your professional service, I can achieve my dreaming result.I remembered that when I met you first time. After you reviewed my situation, you gave me an important recommendation, to get the qualified IELTS test result, brand score 6.5. After 5months’ time I got the IELTS result to meet you again. at that moment I was quite nerves and concerned about my application. You just told me “Don’t worry!” But I believed myself that you can help me to achieve what I want. From the beginning of Visitor Visa, EOI, Work Visa and Resident Visa, step by step. Under your professional and careful instruction, I just follow you to prepare the documents you need, you help me to get each step’s approval successfully. I am greatly appreciated by heart. One day when I received a phone call, at the beginning I thought that might be from Immigration office again, I am nervous again at that moment. I am surprised that I heard your voice, I thought that would be big problem happened, because you seldom gave me the phone call, normally you just sent me the email. Until you said CONGRATULATION to me, I was shocked and I can’t believe my ears. I can’t stay anything at that time. You used such a normal but special way to tell me this good new, to make a perfect ending of my Residence Visa application story. Here I am writing the letter to say Thank You to you, Peter. You give me the chance to start my career life in New Zealand. I will remember your help in  y life. I know PSV Eindhoven is very famous in your hometown. I hope you will like this logo.

Zicong, Residence through Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)


"Hi Peter, I and my family would like to thank you for your assistance with my application for Resident visa under the Skilled Migration Category (SMC). You have been very professional from the word go and patiently explained the whole process. My application was further complicated as both my children were studying overseas ( one in Australia and one in Canada ) and the navigation of all paperwork required ( specially the medical ) was challenging at best. But you persevered right through the process and today we are bearing the fruit of your expert knowledge. We have been in NZ for the past 5 months now and are enjoying our life here immensely. I was highly impressed with your work and have recommended you to several of my friends/family to seek your assistance in any immigration matter. Once again – a very big THANK YOU Peter.

Manuel, Kalpana, Nateesha & Chirag, Residence through Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)

This is my tenth year in New Zealand. I had my partnership work visa for all these years. My resident application under sibling category was also being filed since 2011. Years and years passed by and nothing I could hear from New Zealand immigration system, only giving me frustration, panic and tension. Since I was sponsored by my maiden family, they were also worried I might go back to country Fiji. My prayers were answered when I was introduced to Peter Hendrikx of Terra Nova Consultancy. A big ambitious man, very affectionate and compassionate, courageous and humble, one will see in him at the first meeting. I was also surprised to see how he remembers his past clients. He sat in a very family atmosphere and calmly listened to my problem. There is a word called Impossible. But  for Peter Hendrikx, nothing is impossible. Let’s change this word to “I Am Possible”. His professionalism and expertise has brightened my life. WOW! I was granted Permanent Residence in 8 months. I still regret why I was running around all these years, searching for the best immigration consultant. Peter also helped my sister for her residency. My words of appreciation, gratefulness is not enough to express what you have brought in my life, but you are the person who makes others life easier and brighter. I will always remember you in my prayers for glowing my life. I will always live with your unseen efforts. You care about people. You care about people and it shows. You are generous with your time. Giving of your energy. Lavish with your unselfish deeds. I will remember your kindness to me. Thank you for brightening my world. With your thoughtfulness. It really meant a lot. My bold salute and hats off to Terra Nova Consultancy. A BIG BIG THANK YOU, VINAKA VAKALEVU AND SUKHRAN-WAL-HAMDULLILIAH. 

Ayesha and Makbul, Residence through (Old) Sibling Category

It was an impressive scene that I first met Peter in his office. When I said to him I hoped some day the immigration officer could say to me “Welcome to New Zealand”, he corrected me, “No, you’ve been in New Zealand”. I recognised these words gave me more confidence and motive. Just as a kind of energy, it had been pushing me to hard work until I got the Resident Visa in April this year. This scene took place in October 2015, which would be engraved on my memory.At that time, I had graduated from a cooking school and was just employed by a restaurant in a chef. New Zealand beautiful view and quiet life had been attracting me to stay here, but the Resident Visa was an insurmountable barrier. During that time, many different kinds of informations and advice made me dizzy. Even someone suggested me to apply for in two years. I met Peter luckily while I was not sure how to do. After hearing my case seriously, Peter clearly gave me his opinion and advice. He thought my condition should meet the requirement and advised me to apply for Resident Visa asap. After that, he started his job. It included checking and sorting out my files, training me how to face an interview and how to answer a wide variety of questions, and so on. As for me, I only had two things after that. One was hard work, the other one was to follow Peter’s guidance. Thanks God! Just in four months, I got the Visa. I’m really excited now, especially, I want to say many thanks to Peter. So I wrote these words to express my mood at this time. Also, I hope everyone who want to get a Resident Visa to share my experience. I hope it’s helpful for you. God bless you!

Tina, Residence through SMC


Hi Peter, I would like to thank you for being very professional and supportive. I am really happy. I have no idea how to describe, how happy i am it feels like i am the only happiest human being on planet earth. I do not know how to thank you for that.I can say it is marvelous TO HAVE MY RESIDENT VISA  approved under skilled migrant category. It was not that easy to go through with such application ( as i been told by other advisers that my application is a risky application ) you were the only hope for me. But you did it and made it really easy and quick for me. I would surely recommend others to take advise from TNC and also hoping to get suggestions from you in future too . Once again a big Thank You.

AVasson, Residence through SMC

Kia Ora Peter, the reason for writing this letter is just to sincerely express my heartfelt gratitude and big thanks to you , for being working so professional, efficient and excellent on helping me and my son to have the visa application approved, I am really proud and lucky enough for having you as our Immigration Consultant. Every time when I have confusion or enquires regarding our visa application, you are always so kind and helpful to give me the guidance and instruction, always reply me by phone, email or face to face meeting as soon as you can. Without your support I think we definitely could not have our visa approved so smoothly and quickly. Peter, you are totally dependable and trustworthy, so I will highly and definitely recommend you as an immigration adviser to my friends and other people who are looking for proper guidance and visa related queries. Best wishes for every success in your business and prosperous future. All the best and big thanks again.

YLiu and son, Work to Residence, Residence Talent Visa

"Alex and I would like to thank you for being very professional and supportive. We are really happy. We have got a feeling that is not easy to describe, we do not know how to thank you for that. We can say it is marvelous to have our Entrepreneur Work Visa approved. From now on we can focus on our business and we do know you should help us again at any stage. It would not have been easy to get EWV if you had not worked on our application. Thank you!

BCastan and ASperb, EWV


"We have just obtained our permanent residence visa and would like to thank you for your help throughout the process. Peter has been very professional when following through with us the whole application process and gave valuable advice on preparations of materials that will be advantageous for the application. Peter has also been very open and proactive, arranging meetings when there is any feedback from the Case Officer to discuss the next stapes do in response to the decision With his profession knowledge and prompt communication, we were able to successfully obtain the visa despite the obstacles met. Overall, I am pleased with the result. I would definitely recommend JPeter Hendrikx

HZhang and family, LTBV, Residence through Entrepreneur

"Hi Peter, There is no words to describe my feelings right now. On behalf of my family and myself, we would like to say a big thank you for the excellent work you have done for our family. It is amazing to have my residence application approved. These 5 years have been an incredible journey for me. During these years there were joys and disappointments, but you kept on encouraging me to be confident. You have even help me won the tribunal. I really appreciate the amount of effort and work you have put into this.

Amy YIN and family, LTBV, Entrepreneur, Residence through IPT

"Dear Peter, I am writing this letter for a big thank you for getting me the approval of a Resident visa under the skill migrant category. I am really proud and lucky enough for having you as my Immigration Consultant. When I applied for my resident visa I was in a lot of stress because of the fact it will be a tough task to do but the way you presented my documents and the way you put your efforts towards it, is really appreciable. The main good thing about your is you are really straight forward person. When I cam to you about my application in last November 2014, I was thinking about waiting for the work permit visa and then after applying for resident visa but it was you who gave me a guidance not to wait for 2-3 years and you immediately put my application as a resident visa without any hesitation. And you were right, I can see the result in my favour within only seven months which is unbelievable. Because of your right guidance I managed to save a lot of time and money so I will highly recommend you as a immigration adviser to my friends and other people who are looking for proper guidance and visa related queries. And finally a big hug to you and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything which you have done for my. Thank you.

BBPatel, Residence through SMC


"We moved to New Zealand back in early 2010 under entrepreneur long term business visa. We known Peter nearly a year and half before our arrival. Everything was going well exactly according to plan, and we thought the process of permanent residency will be smooth and hassle free. But due to issues related to one of our kids and other odd complications, within a short period of time, everything turned up side down which resulted our appreciated for permanent residency was declined and then application for further extension was not successful. We found ourselves in a very tough situation which was not easy for us to cope with it. So we had to take our case for jurisdictional review and finally we got our residency. Our circumstances was very exceptional at so many levels but what we are trying to say is, you never know what is waiting for you around the corner. Specially those whom planning to move to New Zealand and ultimately get settled through permanent residency, should always keep in mind that the process is complicated and sometimes INZ adds to this complexity for variety of reasons and I am not going to debate it on this occasion but you need someone like Peter to help you through this process. When we look back to last seven years since day one we got to know Peter, I think it is safe to say that if his wealth of knowledge and experience was not there we will probably be lost half way through the process, end up facing huge consequences. I can’t find satisfying words to thank you Peter, what you have done means a lot and we never forget your assistance and support for the rest of our lives. He is a valuable asset for this industry. We strongly recommend to anybody wish to apply for any type of New Zealand visas, just use Peter’s professional service which himself and his team deliver at personal level, he is a safe bet and you will be treated by Terranova consultancy as a human being not just another file or number.

MBayani and Family, LTBV, Entrepreneur Residence through IPT

"Dear Peter, On behalf of my husband and our family, I write this letter to sincerely appreciate you and thank you for your efficient, fast and prompt work on my husband's immigration processess. All your efforts and professionalsm were a true blessing for our family. We have been trying to file our case under Section 61 Act of Immigration NZ five times with no luck after our wedding in 2011 and today we are more than happy to announce my husband's pasport has been granted with a Residence Visa. We came to see you midyear in 2014 and here is the beginning of 2015 and we hold a valid Residence visa. There are not enough words to express our emotions of how happy we are that we finally settling together with peace after a very long 4 years journey of my husband being an over-stayer. We are 100% assure that we will recommend others we will come across to seek help from you and you team in the future. We are proud of you J Peter with your hard work. We experience the bestr service in Auckland from you and your team. We wish you all the best for now and in the future, Yours sincerely

AMaka and HVeituna, S61 WV and Residence Family Stream

"This is Ruby. I am writing this letter to thank you for the approval of my resident application under the Entrepreneur plus category. You are a righteous and reliable person without exaggeration, I am so lucky to have you as my immigration consultant.  It would not go smoothly without your professional knowledge and assistances. It is hard to express my wholehearted appreciation in words. Still, thanks for your professional consultant for the past few years from LTBV visa to PR application.  However every stage from framing the business plan to prepare all the required details from the immigration office. Wish you all the best and prosperous business.

SMChung and Family, LTBV and Residence through Residence Entrepreneur category

"This is to testify that J Peter Hendrikx of Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd, is a thorough, caring and outstanding individual. Our experience working with him was more than great. He is an individual of excellence. He is totally dependable and trustworthy. Things get done promptly and there are no unnecessary delays. We can recommend him with all confidence to anyone who wishes to use him as their agent in the future. Yours truly

Ernest & Berenise Arendse, Parent Retirement category

"Hi, greetings. My name is Rinku Madhar and i am a student in New Zealand. The J. Peter Hendrikx was my immigration consulted. I have got my student visa with advice of Mr. J. Peter. The journey or process to get visa was very hard. Because my visa was declined by immigration due to work more than 20 hours during my previous study and immigration gave me 42 days’ notice to leave New Zealand. The immigration of New Zealand put my visa status under Section 61. My pervious immigration advisor returned my file and advised me to leave country and he was not agreeing to take further steps with under Section 61 application. So, I came to J. Peter and explained him about my visa application. Then J. Peter loge my file under Section 61. With the efforts of Mr. J. Peter my section 61 file accepted and finally I got my student visa. I got my visa with help of J. Peter experience and efforts.  So, I recommend to my friends and colleagues to take advice from Mr. J. Peter. He is very well experience immigration advisor and consulted.

Rinku Madhar, S61 Student Visa

"From the outset the very nature of my residents application would take several years to achieve due to the backlog of applications to New Zealand Immigration. Peter Hendrikx and the Terra Nova Consultancy team worked tirelessly for 3 years to secure my residents visa. I was living overseas during this time and Peter kept me up to date with every step he made toward securing my visa. At times I thought I would never be granted residency but Peter kept my hopes up high and continued to persevere with some of the additional demands required by NZI. It was not until after I received my visa that I found out Peter had been working on my behalf during a prolonged sickness he had. Who could ask for more? I would highly recommend Peter and the TNC team to anyone seeking immigration services. My family and I thank him for his relentless professionalism in securing my visa and for his courteous and congenial manner.’'

Peter Vojzola , Residence through Family Adult Sibling

"My name is Yang Zhang. I feel so lucky that I could find you to be my represent. Thank you so much for your help in my partnership application. For my case, I feel so confuse that what should I do and what should I prepare at the first time when I met Peter. But Peter was very kind and patient to explain all the information that I need to do. Peter always passionate and responsible for his job during several times of contact with me. In addition, as an immigration agent, Peter's professional knowledge and skills impressed us. I think that is why my case was going so fast. I give all my documents to Peter on April. Only 3 months I got my final approval PR. I was so surprised that is a really short time to get my application done. I think Peter is one of the best advisers for the immigration law and a very helpful person. In the end, I wish TNC business will get better and better. All the best for you. Yours faithfully.

Ms Yang Zhang, WV NZ Sposue/Partner and Residence through NZ Spouse/Partner

"Dear Mr Peter. On behalf of my whole family, I write this letter to show our gratitude to you. Thanks for your professional immigration working experience and being painstaking, patient, warm-hearted to us. Now, although we are leading a very happy life here, we will always feel unsettled provided we have not got the PR. We owe a lot to you, Mr Peter, we finally obtain it that we eager to get it. Everyone like us all expect that your business will be getting better and better, and everyone of us are undoubtedly sure about this. Yours faithfully.

Fam Daniel GU, WV NZ Sposue/Partner and Residence through NZ Spouse/Partner

"Dear Peter. Thank you so much for your help in my residence visa application. I am J.Liu. I was applying residence visa under entrepreneur plus category. I believed my case was very strong, but my previous immigration adviser told me she can't process my case because of insufficient investment. Therefore I turned to Peter for help. Peter showed high profession and efficiency in my case. He argued with the case officer about the investment items one by one, and at last successfully convinced the case officer that my investment is sufficient. He showed not only expertise in immigration laws, but also broad knowledge in accounting and business. As a result, I got my residence visa in only less than 2 months. I am so lucky to find Peter representing me. I believe he is one of the best immigration advisors in Auckland, especially in Entrepreneur immigration.

J Liu and family, Entrepreneur PLUS

"Hi every one, I would like to share this excitement regarding getting my PRV through TNC. We where very happy to find TNC through the net. TNC made my staying in NZ my dream come true to be with my partner. I found TNC very efficient, honest, and reliable. TNC the manager Peter Hendrikx, I found him as one of the best adviser for the immigration law and a very helpful person. He will make your dream come true. My advise to people out there, please don't waste your money on taking advise from Lawyers regarding immigration laws, you end up paying twice as much. Thanks TNC for all the right advice and positive out come.

Nisha and Alasdair, Residence through Family Partner and PRV

"This is from LRZhang. My family and I are very grateful for your help. With your help, our visa application gets approved. We can feel that you are very passionate and responsible for your job during several times of contact with you. Your patient and your attitude when you review the documents reassured us. In addition, as an immigration agent, your professional knowledge and skills impressed us. We realised that your insight towards the business-classed immigration policy was very accurate and this gave us a crucial guarantee for getting the visa. The business plan you designed for us is highly operatively and we are very pleased to see this. When we came to New Zealand, you told us that we can talk with you and seek professional advice from you when we face difficulties in our business in the future. Thius gave us confidence to operate our business successfully. In the end, we are pleased to meet you and grateful for your help.

LRZhang and family, LTBV

"I am so gratefull to Terra Nova Consultancy team and their manager Mr Peter Hendrikx for their kind advises and successful progress in my wife's applications of permanent residency visa and temporary visa. All of the progress has been like a surprise for us, because that was so quick.

SEbrahimi and Amin, Residence through NZ Partner

"Hi! Peter. I was so excited when I heard that I finally got my PR. I can't wait any longer to share the amazing news with my family. And now, I would like to thank you for your great help with my application. When the policy changed last July, I was so worried about my application. Getting 6.5 in IELTs seems to be very difficult. During my inquiry in some other agents, all I got was that I have to get 6.5 even though I had studied and worked here for approximately 8 years. Then, one day, when I mentioned my situation with one of my workmates, who also got PR through you and the TNC, he suggested me to visit you and see if you can deal with my case. Fortunately, after you read my case, you said you can get my case done if I can get 6.0. Although there was only half-an-point difference, it could be much easier anyway, isn't it? Lucky enough, I passed the test a month later. You collected all my files for the application and submitted them to the Immigration. Everything went so well that it was totally out of my expectation. At each stage, I got the reply from the immigration much faster than my friend did. And I thought the reason why it happened was that you got professional skills and affluent experience in the area. By the way, you are quite a kindhearted person that helped me so much. The moment I got the PR, I became more reassuring to expect the coming of my first child. Together with my wife, thank you again and wish all go well with you.

Xiao Yang, Residence through SMC

"Peter and Team. Thank you very much for your efficient, fast and prompt work on our Immigration processes. It was very important to us, my wife and I, and for our entire family, Son, Daughter and Grandchildren. Peter doesn't take NO as an answer, he is committed to his principles and is very efficient. He had brought us hope back when we taught everything was lost, we ended up in a better situation, granted with our Residency under the Parents Police in a record time. We now can live with our Family in New Zealand, see our Grandchildren grow and support our Kids to rise in their lives. Thank you very much Peter and your Team.

Fam deOliveira, Visitor S61, Residence through Family Parent

"Always hire an expert. I would like to thank Peter for his guidance and help for my Permanent Residency application. I was introduced to Peter through word of mouth, so I went to speak to him about my case. He guided me very well and told me about what was required of job to get PR. I applied for PR applicationin July 2011 and in Feb 2012 I got the permanent residency under the Skilled Migrant Category. I tell you from my personal and life experience (as much as I have) that always hire an expert. I tried to deal with Immigration New Zealand myself but it is a very difficult job to deal with them, everybody tries to give their own interpretation of immigration rules, so I decided to find an expert and I was introduced to Peter. In first meeting he told me clearly that the job I had at that time is not good enough for SMC, so I found another job and applied for PR through him, with his proper guidance and clear communication, things work out positively and I got PR in 8 months. I really appreciate his help and thanks for the same. In the end I would definitely recoomend him and recommend others to always hire an expert, although you have to pay for it but it gives you a peace of mind.

JPrakash & Family, Residence through SMC

"We, MAlexeev and IBayborodina, are clients of Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd (TNC). TNC assisted us with our residency under skilled migrant policy. A friend of ours recommended us this company as they assisted them with their applications. We really enjoyed working with TNC, its friendly staff and especially J peter Hendrikx. The payments were divided into three parts so it was easier to pay smaller amounts of money at time. Peter and TNC staff helped us to compile all the documents we needed fill as it wasn't the easiest case. Peter and TNC staff were very helpful and fast in their answers. we are truly glad we worked with this company and happy with the result and the timing.

MAlexeev & I Boayborodina, Residence through SMC

"I got acquinted with Peter in June 2009 and had a chance to witness how he dealt with a client. I lked his professional way of working and at that point in time I decided that it will be Terra Nova Consultancy I will ask for advice in case I have any concerns about my immigration to New Zealand. In 2011 I signed up a contract with Peter; he assisted me in granting Work Visa followed by Residence Visa application under the Skilled Migrant Category. Both applications were successfully approved. It was a great pleasure to work with Peter. To deal with Immigration New Zealand is always a nerve-racking process however Peter managed to make it less stressful, effective and reasonably in timely manner. He was always available to meet with me and willing to answer any of my questions. There are no doubts that Peter is a true specialist in what he is doing. I would like to thank Peter for his briliant service, all the effort and support and for gracious attitude. I will be pleased to recommend J Peter Hendrikx to other people in the future.

EAleshina and ADran'kov, Work Visa and Residence though SMC

"I would like to say thank you to Peter! I don't have word to show him how greatful I am. I come to New Zealand 1 year and 3 months ago, and when I decided to stay in NZ I met Peter for the first time, but we know him for over 5 years as he handled my brother with the immigration work. Peter is very helpfull, he had explaind to us everything about immigration, and then we started our life in NZ when he told us he got 1 year visa. My last visa was a very sucessful, after 1 week we had send the application Peter called us to pick up the passport and we got 2 years visa.  The next steap is the residence. For myself and my brother Peter is like our family, he gave to us the opportunite to stay in New Zealand. Thank you again Peter for everything you have done for me and my family.

TdaRosa and JRodrigues, Work Visa & Work Visa Partner

"I write this letter to praise all the service for my work visa in New Zealand. Depending on all the efficient work and warm service, finally my dream of working in New Zealand comes true. Now, I have concentrated on my job at the Greco Coffe for three days, and got some feelings of complicated food process, hard work for keeping there clean and tidy and know how to copy with some simple financial problem. I am an ambitious man, and I prefer to quite and peaceful life style, being full of confidence and enthusiasm, I believe I can complete all the jobs here and have a bright future in New Zealand. Thanks for all your eforts!


"I found Peter to deal with my PR application complication through other friend in October 2011. I am very pleased at his professional perfromance. Not only had he been working as a senior immigration officer in government for some years, but he knows what you want and what you need, very straightforward, and save time. I will not hesitate to introduce him to my friends who need immigration advice.

CJLin, Skilled Migrant Category, Residence (PR)

"Hi Peter, I would like to thank you for your friendly service during the process of obtaining my Work to residence Visa. I got my first six months work Visa and then my long term Work to residence Visa for 2 ½ years. Also would like to thank you behalf of my company, for help us to obtain the Employer Accreditation. I really appreciate your friendly, honest and professionalism shown during the process of obtaining the Visa and Employer Accreditation. We will be more than delighted to highly recommend the service of Terra Nova Consultancy to friends and colleagues in future. We would like to thanks again to Peter and his team.

RSuppian, Work Visa, Accreditation, Work to Residence

"We and our family sincerely appreciate you for your help and excellent results. We are so happy to live in this wonderful country and so many thanks  for your professional work. We both got residence visas during the short time without any difficulties. All our requirements were performed perfectly. We surely could advise you as a confident professional lawyer to everyone who wish to get an honest and reliable job done. Thank you so much Peter!

ADonets & KGuseynova, PR Family Adult Sibling followed by PR Family Partner

"I and my family wanted to migrate to New Zealand. A friend of ours mentioned Mr J Peter Hendrikx of Terra Nova Consultancy. We talk to Mr Peter and he advised that we will get through our LTBV Visa. So we lodged an application through him. He told us it will take 2 to 4 months for the visa to be granted. In my case it took us about 6 months, the good thing is that we were granted the LTBV Visa. We were so thankful to Mr Peter for his hard work.. I would like to recommend anybody if they want to migrate, then please contact Mr Peter. We also wish him all the success in his business.

Mr UChand and Family, LTBV

"First of all we would like to say Thank You so much for all the hard work and time put into this job to make all this possible for us. From the first day we went to Terra Nova Consultancy  we met with Mr Peter Hendrikx, he was very friendly and we find him to a trustworthy person. He made us feel comfortable from day 1 and he explained to us exactly what needed to be done and how. Mr Hendrikx was always available at all times if we ever needed any queries. He always kept us informed with every little progress. We would highly recommend Terra Nova Consultancy to any person seeking information to apply for a visa. We are very pleased with the choice we made. Thanks for everything.

PCCampbell and Dominique, Work Visa

"Dear Peter, first of all, I sincerely appreciate you and your team successfully assisting my brother in obtaining his Permanent Residence Visa. My parents and my family were granted New Zealand Residence 5 years ago, as the only and last family member, my brother was living alone in China during this period. In 2009, I tried to assist my brother to apply for a Residence Visa under the family sibling policy due to the economy and for time saving reasons. The application was accepted and processed, but we found that we were unable to response to the questions in the letters from the INZ Case Officer. Therefore, we contracted you, Peter. Because of your professional advise and direction, my brother’s Residence Visa application was finally approved in a short time. For my experience, looking for a right and experienced Immigration Advisor that is most important, because as an individual, we do not clearly understand the Immigration policies and laws. I strongly recommend Peter and Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd, because Peter used to be an Immigration Officer and he has got plentiful immigration experience. I really appreciate my friend who introduced Peter to me, and I really realy appreciate all efforts and hard work from Peter and Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd. I sincerely wish your business getting better and better, and also wish that all your applicants’ dreams come true.

FNiu, PR Family Stream

"We met Peter at Terra Nova Consultancy, when immigration decline your application for work visa, at this stage we ask Peter for some help. We live your future in New Zealand with Peter and what happen, he is just amazing and will be very successful with your case. After couple of month Peter told us we are able to apply for residency and again he did a great and wonderful job. With your communication, he is very friendly and helpful with everything what we have been requesting. We don't any words to say thank you for Peter for everything he have done for us. Thank you very much, we wish all the beast for Peter and his family.

Marcio and Tamires, Work Visa and PR Skilled Migrant Category

"I am Mr Chen. Actually, I have been living in New Zealand for 9 years and have been operating a business for about 8 years. During the period of doing business in New Zealand, I have tried to apply for a NZ Residence for a few times assisted by many Immigration Agents, but I always was disappointed with the results they delivered to me. In 2011, because of you and your team’s effort, my residence visa application was finally approved by the Immigration New Zealand, and my family and I finally can be New Zealand Residents continually living and working in New Zealand, and enjoy our real family time in New Zealand. Peter, my family and I sincerely appreciate your hard work and effort, and also wish your business will be getting better and better. Many thanks again.


Family RGChen, PR through Entrepreneur


"Mr Peter and Miss Hu, we would like take this opportunity to express our deep thanks to Mr Peter and Miss Hu, you assisted my wife and daughter to successfully get their Resident Visa. Because of your professional knowledge to New Zealand Immigration Law and conscientious work attitude, we just can got this approval result. My wife was applying for a Resident Visa for totally four times in past four years time. We got many assistants and advises from may lawyers and immigration agents in first three application, but all those applications were declined and refused by the Immigration New Zealand. We were so disappointed to those immigration advisors and even to the INZ, but we still decided to do last try and contacted with Terra Nova Consultancy Ltd. We had a long discussion with you and knew how difficult on my wife’s application. You gave us some valuable professional advises and instructed us how to prepare necessary materials. Because of your continuous effort, my wife and daughter finally granted their Resident Visa,  they can stay in New Zealand enjoying real family life and start their new life in New Zealand. In the future, we are willing to tell our story to the people who are seeking the direction migrating to New Zealand. At meantime, all my family wish you have a great future in your work and life.


Meifang Sun (and spouse Jackson Chen), PR Family Stream

"Dear Peter, first of all, thank you so much for your efforts and professionalism to help me successfully get a Long Term Business Visa, my whole family and me are so happy to get this result. After signing the contract with you, I deeply felt and understood what is excellent service, effective work, and even what is experience and professionalism. I held a guardian visa for my daughter’s study in New Zealand, and after a period, my daughter and me more and more enjoyed New Zealand, so we decided to apply for a Long Term Business Visa for immigrating to New Zealand in the near future. After the decision was made, I contacted dozens of immigration advisers in Auckland area, and all of them advised me that I would need relevant business experiences in China for operating a relevant business in New Zealand. Disappointed we met you, Peter, and you provided me with a measured answer, and you gave confidence to me. You tailored a professional Business Plan for me describing my business experience, management and skills, and the BP was approved by Immigration New Zealand, even though my business/industry in China is different to the proposed business in New Zealand. Meanwhile, my husband spent more time in China on work, so we were separated from each other for a long time in the last 12 months. This fact resulted in the issue of partnership relationship for my LTBV application. However, you never give up and did your best to solve the problem, and my husband also successfully got a 3 year work visa under my approved LTBV application. Peter, you always have clear thinking and plentiful experience dealing with any issues. I just feel I am so lucky to meet and contract with you for my LTBV application. Finally, once again to express my deeply and faithful appreciation to you and your team. Thank you so much for all your efforts on my application, and I wish TNC getting better and better.

Amy Yin, Approval for an LTBV

"Dear Peter, we are writing to say thank you for your great help and effort towards my wife’s visa & PR applications! My wife and I were engaged in early 2009 in China, and we lodged her visa application soon after I came back to NZ, however her application was quickly declined for reasons we couldn’t understand; because she was in NZ for 3 years studying, we met in a church with a lot of people are able to testify our true relationship true to Immigration and they did so. Few weeks later, one of my church friends told me about Peter and how he solved my friend’s PR problem which couldn’t be solved by his lawyer for 5 years! With Peter’s great immigration knowledge and enthusiasm, we were married here in our church by the end of the year; and she has got her PR now! Great thanks to Peter!

Austin & Connie Wen, VV and PR Family Spouse/Partner

"Hi Peter, we are writing with great pleasure that finally we have fully settled in New Zealand thanks to your assistance as our agent for all our Immigration applications for the last couple of years. We thank you for your excellent and committed service rendered with regard to, specially, our application for residence which lasted for last two years and left us in a vacuum and frustration. Please take this as a note of appreciation for all good hard work that you have done, and we have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend you to anyone who wishes to settle in New Zealand.

Sithari and Chaminda, Work Visa, Skilled Migrant Category and PR

"Por la presente quiero agradecer sus servicios y ayuda en la obtencion de mi Visa de Negocios ya que ademas de haber demostrado un gran profesionalismo se involucro personalmente con mi caso y por consecuencia con mi familia, lo cual fue muy importante y volardo por nosotros, ya que es un proceso muy complicado y si uno no cuenta con la ayuda de la persona adecuada como lo es usted el proceso puede ser muy dificil. En nombre de mi familia y mio le agradezco enormenente todas sus gestiones para con nosotros. Le envio un fuerte abrazo y quedo a su desposicion, ya que no solo es un gran agente de inmigraciones si no que lo consideramos un gran amigo de la fimilia.

A rough translation of the above is as follow;

"I wish to thank you for your services and help in obtaining my business visa. You showed great professionalism personally with my case and with my family which was very important and valued by us, considering that it is a complicated process and if one does not have the help of someone such as yourself the process can be very difficult. I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and I for all that you have done for us. I am sending you a big hug and would like you to know that you are not only a great immigration consultant but we also consider you a great friend of our family.

Fam Genzano, LTBV

"Hi Peter, I just want to thank you and your team for sorting out my visa requirements. As you know this was quite a task, and had it not been a recommendation from Tim and Marianne, customers of mine and yours, this would been very difficult for me to do, to say the least. I am so glad that their recommendation for me to contact you was taken up. It is a nice feeling, knowing that someone has had a good experience, and their story was the help I was looking for. Not only did you do all ( visa / renewal of work permit and my PR ) with total professionalism, but you did six months ahead of time. Needless to say I could not have done this without you and TNC. It has been a joy and pleasure to meet and deal with you and I would have absolutely no problems in recommending you to anyone requiring Immigration services and related matters. Once again from a very happy Kiwi. Many thanks and best regards

Dallen, Work Visa and PR NZ Partner

"We had already used Peter’s services to apply for a Long Term Business Visa in order to first come to New Zealand in 2008. He brought his long experience and firm relationships with Immigration New Zealand to bear to make our application as smooth as possible then, so it was quite natural to return to him for our residency application, even though we thought at the time that it was probably just a formality, given that we had exceeded our business plan and were creating real value for New Zealand. But we were wrong. For various reasons, the process became much longer than we had thought and we ran out of time. I still needed to travel away from New Zealand for business and return home to Waitakere, so visa extensions became necessary and other complications ensued. My wife also had to return to Ireland unexpectedly for family reasons. At all times, Peter kept us informed of progress, told us at each step what the issues were and what the solutions would have to be. He never hid anything from us, tried to use his relationships to speed things up, and was very honest about telling us of the outcomes. He was always available and responded to us within the hour, even during the holiday period. You only see this level of professionalism, when people are really passionate about what they do. Peter loves New Zealand. When our residency was granted, it was a victory for him as much as it was for us. He’s one of the first people we met here and he is undoubtedly one of the best ambassadors the country would wish for. Thanks again, Peter.

Family Chapman, LTBV, Residence Entrepreneur

"Dear Peter, Both El-Fadil and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and responsiveness you and your staff have shown us regarding my immigration process for the past two years and more. We are extremely grateful as your professionalism is faultless and your kindness an asset. We have certainly had the pleasure of working with you and offer our utmost respect for the effortless and trouble-free experience you’ve helped us go through. Thank you for your valuable assistance. Your service has not just been the most efficient and proficient, but has been very individual and friendly. With no doubt, your handling of my immigration application was vital in simplifying my transition. We will be more than delighted to highly recommend the services of Terra Nova Consultancy to family and colleagues in the future. Again, thank you very much and wish you all the best.

Tagoug, VV, WP & Residence NZ Partner

"Dear Peter, Both El-Fadil and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and responsiveness you and your staff have shown us regarding my immigration process for the past two years and more. We are extremely grateful as your professionalism is faultless and your kindness an asset. We have certainly had the pleasure of working with you and offer our utmost respect for the effortless and trouble-free experience you’ve helped us go through. Thank you for your valuable assistance. Your service has not just been the most efficient and proficient, but has been very individual and friendly. With no doubt, your handling of my immigration application was vital in simplifying my transition. We will be more than delighted to highly recommend the services of Terra Nova Consultancy to family and colleagues in the future. Again, thank you very much and wish you all the best.

"Dear Peter, both Gillian and I would like thank you for the gift and take this opportunity to express our appreciation to both you and your staff for all the hard work and diligence you have taken in processing my immigration application. Looking back, arriving in a new country, on the other side of the world, leaving many friends/family behind, having to find work and the idea of having to endure a lengthy complicated immigration process was a somewhat daunting thought to say the least. However I can say with all confidence that choosing Terra Nova Consultancy to handle my immigration application was fundamental in making the transition simple and enjoyable. From start to finish the level of service and attention to detail has been flawless. Being dealt with on a professional but still individual level by someone that took a personal interest not only in handling the application but offering the back up and support to answer the numerous questions certainly put our minds at ease. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone I come across in the future and wish you and your staff all the very best for the future."

AMcKee, WP & Residence NZ Partner

"Thanks very much! Your professional advice and kindest support helped us to pass through the most difficult period of time in our life. I and my girlfriend submitted our residence application in late 2008, until present, we spent almost two years to get final approval. During this period of time, we even thought about quite, abondoned our dream in New Zealand and go back where we from. I went to your office seeking for help after I received letter from INZ in March 2010 regarding to provide additional information. At that time, we had already made decision that this is final try, because we had spent too much time on it. Since you took over our case, we did not think and worried about our case as often as before, sometime we even forgot we were applying PR. Every time I sent you email inquire progress, you always provide me accurate information and feedback form my case officer. Sometimes it took a few days to get your reply, but we understood you were waiting for reply from our CO. Until a month ago, you had informed me my case had been passed to our CO's manager to review. And last week, we received AIP letter from INZ. At the moment of I saw "AIP" in this letter, I was very excited (no words can describe the feeling). Later on, we thought we shouldhave asked you to handle our case earlier, so this letter may arrive to our hand earlier. All in all, I am very impressed about your way of dealing with clients. Honest, creditability, well preparation .... all these things prove you are trustworthy immigration consultant. Once again, thanks very much Peter. We are heading for a new chapter."

GChen & VGao, Skilled Migrant Category application followed by PR

"When I started working at my company (name withheld), I became concerned about my future for residence reasons and expectations from my family. Then through recommendations from my colleagues and employer, I went to Mr Peter Hendrikx at Terra Nova Consultancy for his help in application for PR. With his profession in immigration services, I received the approval very soon after the application. EOI application sent out in November 2009, reply from Immigration in early 2010, and I got the Approval in Principle letter this August. My family and I are very excited, and would like to thank Peter and his team for their great effort, and recommend Terra Nova Consultancy to anybody for their service."

CMLi, Skilled Migrant Category application followed by PR

"When I decided to sponsor my partner in 2008, my friends had advise me on a few good immigration adviser at the time, I went and visited a few advisers but I didn't find anyone I thought could look after my case like as there own, until I meet Mr Peter Hendrikx he sounded very helpful and very upfront about the job right from the start. I explain my situation to Mr Peter and he was very happy to take on my application in mid 2007, in june 2008 my partner was expected on a visiting visa to come to New Zealand. I and my wife got married in February 2009, my wife got her permanent resident in feb 2010 we were happy and relief. I am very grateful to have meet such a nice, professional, honest, prompted and helpful person like Mr Peter Hendrikx. There is certainly not many people like Mr Peter left in the world, he is very considerate and always happy to listen to what you have to say. I am sure if you are looking for someone to supporting you in sponsoring your loved ones or your family then you have gone to the right place. We would like tio thank Mr Peter Hendrikx for uniting me with my partner."

DNguyen & VTKChung, Residence family partner

"We arrived in New Zealand in October 2006 not knowing anybody or anything with regard to immigration process. We were put in contact with Peter Hendrikx of Terra Nova Consultancy by our bank manager at National Bank. Peter explained to us what our options were and what would be the best route to take. We supplied Peter with the information that he requested from us and Peter did the rest. During our dealings with Peter he was very professional, helpful and understanding to our needs. As you can see from the letter head, peter's application on our behalf for a long term business visa was successful and we now own our own business in New Zealand. After owning our business for 2 years we were allowed to apply for residency, so again we turned to Peter. He told us what information he would need to send our application to immigration and again we supplied him with this and he did the rest and on 29th October 2009 we received confirmation that our application had been successful. With regards to Peter Hendrikx and Terra Nova Consultancy, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any body requiring help with applying for immigration as they seem to make the whole process easy and painless. Thanks again Peter for everything".

MAuton and TJWood, LTBV followed by PR Entrepreneur

"This letter is to thank my consultant Mr Peter at Terra Nova Consutlancy for getting things done very easily and quickly without any hassle. About a year ago, I had gone to Mr Peter for my in-laws applications. When we talked to him, we were very happy with the consulting fee and his explanations. Within a few months, we received a letter saying that our application was in consideration and will take upto 2 years which we were satisfied with. Shortly after, my in-laws application for visa/permit to come to New Zealand had been accepted. I was delighted with his excellent level of communication and professionalism with his customers and reasonable fees. To me, Mr Peter is a very helpful person and I would recommend his services to any future clients."

J and J Patel, PR Family Parents

"Dear Peter, Just a more personal letter of thanks to you following the receipt of the confirmation of the success of our Permanent Residency Appeal to express our gratitude and appreciation of the totally professional way in which you managed our case submission. From the beginning you have given balanced, constructive and realistic advice without at any stage raising false hopes. Regardless of the outcome my wife and I have always felt fully confident in your experience, expertise and guidance. Thank you very much."

Fam A Fletcher, PR Skilled Migrant Category Appeal RRB

"Dear Peter. My family and I would like to thank you for your assistance with getting PR visa for our son Andrey.  We visited a lot of immigration consultants, but only you advised him to apply for his PR visa as a dependent child in his age of 24. We could not believe when in three month time he become permanent resident of New Zealand.  Your knowledge and understanding of immigration law helped us a lot. Thank you very much."

Family Donets, PR Family Dependent Child policy

"When my family noticed our PR appel was successful, we were overwhelmed with joy as we could now stay in New Zealand happily ever after. Our PR application was declined previously; Peter assessed the possibilities of winning the appel and encouraging our hopes of doing so. He has stood by me and my family and guided us as we steer through the minefield of a seemingly tough appeal process. Only within a couple of months, our residency permit was granted. The result of my application is evidence of Peter’s impeccable attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the immigration legislation and procedures. Thanks to Terra Nova Consultancy, and the professional way in which Peter handled my PR appeal case. We cannot thank enough for the guidance that Peter has imparted. Getting the PR Visa without his help seems un-thinkable. We wish Terra Nova all the best and success for now and in the near future."

Family Guo and children, PR through Appeal Residence Review Board

"Dear Peter, we would like to thank you for your service in handling our immigration into New Zealand. At least for us, our case was not an easy one. It was somewhat complex to begin with. In addition, the amount of time and finances we had invested for our immigration plcaed additional stress factors on us. Anyway, with out your assistance and services, we would have surely been overwhelmed by the complexity of having to deal with the New Zealand Immigration Service. Since we first contacted you via email from Bangkok, Thailand; we were impressed with your professionalism and focus with our isssues in regards to immigrating to New Zealand. We has made several contacts to other Immigration Consultants and Attorneys both in Thailand and New Zealand and none were able to provide us with proper direction. Though at this time, we had not retained your services, you took the time to give us direction and information needed to prepare us for the immigration process. It is during that time period, that we made the decsion to seek your services once we arrived into New Zealand. After retaining your services, we were relieved that someone competent was representing us, and confident that you would successfully handle our case. having you represent us, gave a positive out look that our case would be handled properly and with a favourable outcome. We feel strongly that because of your professionalism, knowledge of NZ immigration, and true concern to our case, that our immigration has been a success. We sincerely, have no negative comments to make about your services. Pachariya and I would like to thank you, and wish you all the best."

Pachariya and Michael, PR Family Partner Stream, Section 18A

"There is no word around to look for and express our feelings for Mr Peter Hendrikx and his team. My family and I would have never ended up coming to New Zealand and starting a successfull buisness only if Terra Nova Consultancy was not there for our guidance. I came across knowing Mr Peter Hendrikx through our friend. When we first applied for our LTBV through him. Our first application was unsuccessful but we managed to withdraw our application. Our friend arranged my meeting with Mr Peter in Wellington. Mr Peter's professional immigration experience amazed me. He was very quick at understanding our case. Peter re-worked on our case and I was able to get LTBV to New Zealand. Landing to New Zealand, our first visit was to Terra Nova Consultancy. To our surprise, as we entered his office, he was on the telephone attending other clients but he recognised us and he was waving at us. He called our daughters names, was another big surprise for us. From day one Mr Peter guided us in running our business and our stay in New Zealand, until the right time came for us to apply for the permanent residence. He was there for us again. We were very much organised working with him and did not give the New Zealand Immigration department any loopholes. Through Peter's professionalism, our PR was approved only in 70 days. What a great job. His kind, friendly and professional approach never gives his clients a second thought. Hendrikx name itself speaks up with his sword and his shield for his achievements. My family and I stand bold and salute Terra Nova Consultancy and let alone Peter Hendrikx himself. A great job!!! Well done!!! A big thank you, vinaka vakalevu. Lots of love, Liaqat, Ashia, Faiza and Zika."

Liaqat, Ashia and children, LTBV followed by PR Entrepreneur Residence

"After 6 months, we successfully got our Permanent Residence on 2 September 2008. Here we would like to pass our warmest thanks to Mr Peter Hendrikx. Peter can provide more professional service than lots of other agencies. I entrusted my PR application to a Chinese agent in 2007. Before we paid their service fee, they showed us their enthusiasm and earnest attitude onto our case. However, everything changed after they got the first part service fee. They just left our case to INZ passively and never care about the process of our application even I kept chasing them. After 6 months, I decided to withdraw their service and changed to Peter who was introduced by my friend as he got lots of successful cases. Peter well and fully understands the immigration policy and help me prepared all documents to meet the requirement of INZ. Also, he kept chasing the case officer and follow up my application. For all my enquiry and questions, peter gave me detailed explanation and answers quickly and in time. As the client of Peter, I feel really confident and full of hopes. Peter makes me the first person to get PR with job from the case officer. My case officer is famous for his slow action. I went to the online forum and chatting with people who have the same case officer as me. Most of them have already been waiting for more than 10 months since their application receive by INZ. They tried to send email and ring case officer, but there is no feedback from case officer. Lucky me, with professional skills and responsible attitude, Peter kept chasing my application and kept pushing the case officer. I successfully got my PR during 6 months. Once again, I really appreciate Peter's hard work and earnest attitude. With his help, we can smoothly get our permanent residence and achievement one milestone of our life in New Zealand."

Winnie Wang and spouse, Skilled Migrant Category, Permanent Residence

"Dear Peter. This is just a short note to thank you for all your hard work and persistence in gaining our mother permanent residency within New Zealand. The case was a complicated one and the process was lengthy and at times discouraging, however, you remained confident for which we are thankful. Without your help we would have become totally bewildered but with your expertise we were able to sit back and let you do what you are best at. You have enabled our family to stay together and for that we are immensely grateful. I trust our relationship will continue in friendship and look forward to seeing you soon."

L&R Cater-Selwood, Residence Family Parent

"I, Bhartiben and my family would like to express our BIG THANK YOU to Mr Peter for all the hard work done to my family for getting a Long-term Buisness visa (which was once previously declined). Because of Mr Peter's efforts & hard work, we are now in New Zealand and be able to run our Business. I also acknowledge that without your kindness help it wouldn't be possible to to be successful to arrive in New Zealand. Your co-operation with my family was great and with my brother (Sunny) was very excellent. Your efforts were wonderful. I am honestly unable to express the feeling of myself and my family had from you Mr Peter is unforgettable. I would highly recommend you & your firm to any one who require asistance in obtaining long term business visa and any other matters of obtaining immigration services. Me and my family wishes your firm and specially you a very successful in business and in your life. One again, Thank You."

Bhartiben P Patel and Family, LTBV

"BIG THANK YOU & GREAT JOB TO TERRA NOVA CONSULTANCY. And to the manager director Peter Hendrikx for the perfect service he provide us by applying to the New Zealand immigration service on my behalf to gathering me and my wife and getting her a visa in such incurable short time which was shorter then what we expect me and my wife sure now that talking to this people was the right decision we had at all so once again thank for everything you done to us and wish you all the best and the success in your carrer to J. Peter Hendrikx."

Mohanad Saad Hassan, VP Partner

"Dear Peter. This is really a late letter to thank you for all your help during the whole processing of our Permanent Residents Application. After granting the Permanent Residents in New Zealand, we were really busy preparing our own business to make our life better. The first time we went to see you was in 2003, and after that we visited nearly all the kiwi agent and Chinese agents. It is an very important thing for us to get the permanent residents, and also we believe we have some difficulty to meet the requirement of permanent resident, so we selected our agent very carefully. After about three years, in June 2007, we decided to visit you again to ask your help with our application. Waiting is a really tough thing to face. Thanks again for all your work on preparing our application documents. As we remember, we submitted the application at the end of July 2007. After that we called you nearly every week asking the status. You are so kind to tell us that be patient and trust you, you have your own way to communicate with immigration officer at the correct time. We apologise for that now. We've never thought we could get the permanent resident at the very beginning of January 2008. It only took about more than 4 months under your effort. We've seen lots of examples that agents cheated Chinese students. We only can say at the moment, is that you are the agent who really wants to help us, and trust worth. Finally, thanks for all your professional and kindly help, and I strongly recommend you to any person who wants to apply for the permanent resident. I firmly believe that your professional knowledge and experience will really help them to be successful. Thanks again, and hope all the best in your career and life. Yours sincerely,"

Bowen and Nancy, Skilled Migrant Category, Permanent Residency

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful service and being so professional. I felt it wouldn't be right not to drop you a line and tell you how satisfied we were with the work you did. Peter is an excellent immigration consultant because in addition to being extremely professional, he is very knowledgeable about the immigration policy and area. We found his positive attitude and professionalism refreshing and a pleasure with which to work. This leading us to achieve the goal that we want earlier. All we can say is WOW! We were so impressed by your service and quality. If anyone asks us about business migration and immigration consultant, the Terra Nova Consultancy "Peter Hendrikx" comes first. Once again, thanks Peter, we really appreciated you to provide help and let us get Permanent Residence. Thanks from all of us "Khoo Family."

Family Khoo, Residence, Investor Category

“Peter’s knowledge and experience in immigration process helped me to obtain my PR under skilled migrant category without fumbles. One has to experience to believe Peter’s level of patience and wisdom with humorous touch. Thanks Peter for what you have done for me!! I strongly recommend the Terra Nova Consultancy of Peter to anybody for their immigration issues. ”

Miki, Residence, Skilled Migrant Category

"Dear Peter, first of all many thanks to Peter for helping me to obtain New Zealand PR. Everything has gone through quite smoothly due to Peter’s professional and reliable jobs. My plain words cannot fully express my thanks. I applied New Zealand PR under family reunion category in China (Beijing Branch) in May 2007, I submitted all the documents required, 6 months later I received letter from Beijing Branch, indicating that I do not meet the minimum English requirements, and thus I was not suitable for the job that I was offered, and that NZIS is not satisfied with my employment, and they considered my employer could not financially sustain the employment. In that case I was almost rejected by New Zealand immigration. I was really depressed and could not find the way out, my English was not good enough to communicate with immigration officer directly, and most importantly I was not familiar with employment law and immigration policy. Fourtunately, a friend of mine recommended my Terra Nova Consultancy, Peter is truly a master in working through this immigration process, especially in handling tricky situation. He assessed my case in every detail He was very responsive in answering questions and issues I had and I did not experience any seconds delayed by them. Peter wrote to the immigration and explained queries they raised according to immigration policy and related laws. Good news came not long after, my case was reconsidered and got approved in February, 2008. I would never get this result without the help from Peter, he was really hard working and invested a lot of effort in. From my experiences, I learned to know that the choice of the right attorney is more important than anything else in immigration and visa matters. And I am more than happy about my final choice now. Once again I thank Peter and his staff and their excellent works!!! "

Yixiu, Residence, Skilled Migrant Category

"Dear Peter. Thanks again and again! You help me grant the permanent residence in New Zealand! I remember in the appreciative letter my wife Dan (well she is my wife now) gave to you last time said we were waiting for your good news for my residence. Now you did give us a good news. You are amazing person and never give up! We knew the application had lots of difficulties because I need to spend more time in China during the process due to some special reasons. We knew it was hard when the applicant were not in New Zealand. However the result proved your hard work and your professional ability. Dan and I can start our happy life in New Zealand now. Thank you very much again! Wish you all the best! We believe that your professional ability will help more people achieve their goal in the future. Kind regards, Bao"

Bao, Residence Family Partner

"We met in July 2007 and the plans were afoot for me to emigrate to New Zealand. I really believed that with positive thinking this could happen but I needed someone to guide me to get to this goal. Peter, you were the one and here I am sitting in New Zealand with my LTBV which was approved within five weeks and in normal circumstances can take up to four months. The depth, knowledge and time you spent preparing my business plan and motivation was truly incredible. I am also extremey impressed by your constant telephonic contact ensuring that all is well, not only with the business but your honest concern about my family's well being. There are simply not enough words to thank you for all your help and assistance in ensuring I reach my goal. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any prospective clients and look forward to your endless knowledge when I need help!!

Robin, Michelle and children, Long Term Business Visa


We met Peter during a reconnaissance visit to Auckland at a time when we needed clear guidance about our plans to move ourselves and our business to New Zealand. He gave us no wild promises or pies in the sky, just reliable information and an honest assessment of our chances based on years of experience of helping would-be immigrants. Like in many cultures, it seems that relationship networks are important in New Zealand to get things done. Peter clearly has those relationships and the contacts needed to follow up your application, explain your own individual difficulties and requirements and defend your position with the authorities. When you are coming in from the outside, this is clearly not easy to achieve alone. In fact as soon as you meet Peter, he is obviously a relationship guy: he offers you a warm personal welcome, (serves excellent coffee!) and genuinely wants to know about you and your family. And his interest continues right through the process: he was obviously delighted to announce that our application had been accepted and he addressed the great news to every member of our family. The Long Term Business Visa application requires a pile of thorough, detailed information organised in a very specific way. We were amazed how already after our first meeting, Peter had understood so much of our own story. His first draft of our business plan showed how closely he had been listening to us! Together, using an easy back and forth process, he gently pushed us through to reach a final version on a timescale we would never have managed to hold to, had we been trying to do it alone. We were very occupied running our own business in France and were aiming to immigrate with quite a strict deadline (so our kids could start school at the beginning of the new school year). We needed the fastest possible, right-first-time solution and Peter knew exactly how to find it for us. Thanks, Peter, from us all."

Tim, Chris and children, Long Term Business Visa

"My name is Deqing. I am writing this letter in order to express my acknowledgment for your great help on my Entrepreneur and PR application. Peter is reliable, efficient and has abundant knowledge about immigration law and experience of case application. I tried to renew my Entrepreneur visa in the middle of last year, however for some reason it has been declined. My case became very tough. I've found some lawyers and agents to help me with my PR application. But none of them can solve it. Fortunately, I met Peter who led my case to the right track. I successfully obtained entrepreneur visa and PR. Peter is professional and reliable. He and his staff always work hard for my case, and never bored of my questions all the time, they really do good job. With their help, my PR application was even approved within few months. And my children could start school at the beginning of the new term. It's a miracle. Such thing would not happen if I had another agent. Peter is the best agent in entrepreneur and PR application case I have ever seen. THANK YOU SO MUCH, PETER!!"

Deqing, Quihong and daughter, Residence, Entrepreneur

"Dear Peter, Thank you very much for help me granted PR successfully, which removed my nightmares for many years. This enables me confidently striving for future on the land of New Zealand. I speak on behalf of my whole family; we would like to pay our deepest gratitude to you once again. Due to my personal issues, my work visa has been rejected by immigration office for many times. At that time I was very depressed and feeling hopeless. Lucky my friend recommended Terra Nova Consultancy to me, from there I knew Peter . Peter is very professional, friendly and patience. During many years negotiation with immigration office, Peter has always been maintaining his professionalism and never gives up attitude. To find a good immigration company is extremely difficult especially the one you can fully trust. In here I strongly recommend Terra Nova Consultancy, if you are facing any kind of immigration issues, you must come to see Peter. Do not miss this precious opportunity to visit Peter who definitely can bring you success."


Leon, Nancy and children, Permanent Residence Family Partner

"We arrived in New Zealand in October 2006 not knowing anybody or anything with regard to the immigration process. We were put in contact with Peter Hendrikx of Terra Nova Consultancy by our bank manager at National Bank. Peter explained to us what our options were and what would be the best route to take. We supplied Peter with the information that he requested from us and Peter did the rest. During our dealings with Peter he was very professional, helpful and understanding of our needs. As you can see from the letter head, Peter's application on our behalf was succesful and we now own our own business in New Zealand. With regard to Peter Hendrikx and Terra Nova Consultancy, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any body requiring help with applying for immigration. Thanks again Peter for everything."


Tim and Marylin, Long Term Business Visa/Permit

"Dear Peter, Our family thank you so very much for handling our Mum’s successful Permanent Residence Application. Your professional, kind, caring & genuine interest in our case meant so much to us. Constantly keeping us up to date with the progress & answering our many queries was reassuring. You gave us confidence in you & we knew we could trust you. All too often there are stories about unscrupulous Immigration Agents. It would be our pleasure to highly recommend you to anyone seeking Immigration help. Thanks so much again Peter. With Best Wishes,"

Nicky, Helen, Bob & all our grateful family, Permanent Residence Family Parent category

"Dear Peter. First of all, thank you very much for your help in my residence application. I knew how hard my case was but you gave me a hope and achieved the goal successfully. It was amazing to me. It was a long story: I found an agent to help my resdience application at the end of 2004, however due to some reasons my application lasted nearly two years and I received decline letter as a result. You cannot understand how sad I was. I have been New Zealand for seven years, but I would go back to my country straight way. I didn't have any hope until I met you, Peter. Your professionalism, patient and confidence were impressed me so deep. I felt you could help me. From you took over my case till I got my residence, it only took one month. I can't even believe it but it is true. The result proved my feeling and also your hard work. Once again thank you very much for your previous effort and we are looking forward to get your good news on the partnership application from Bob. I want to wish you all the best and continue success for all other cases. Kind regards."

Dan & Bob, Skilled Migrant Category, Residence Permit.

"We both would like to give our heartfelt thanks for the excellent service you provided to get visa for Rohan. With the unsuccessful first attempt, we had very little hope before we met you. But the confident that you had at the first meeting, light some hope in us. It was a great joy for us to get visa after nine months of your hard work. Terra nova Consultancy is one one of those excellent Immigration Advisors we would say and it provided a personalised and friendly service to us. Most importantly we grateful for the personal attention you gave and it was great that we could contact you without any hassle, when we wanted advice. We have no doubt in recommending you for all our friends and family who need advice on immigration matters. Once again thank you so much for your precious advice and hard work, and we are looking forward to get your advice on our permanent residence visa."

Noorani & Rohan, Student Visa/Permit.

"My name is Steven Liu. I am writing this letter in order to express my acknowledgment for you great help on my PR application. I did my PR application last year and for some reason it failed. My case became very tough case. I've found some lawyers and agents to help me with my PR application. But none of them can solve it. In my lucky year 2006 I meet you. You are totally different as other agent. You are professional and reliable. You help me get my PR application done within few months. I'm so happy and I can not believe it is true. It's a miracle. Thank you very much, Peter. You are the best agent in PR application case I have ever seen. I'll introduce you to all my friends if they want do their PR application. I hope you all the best in the future."

Steven Liu, Entrepreneur, Residence.

"In the early 2005, I asked one of agent to extend my work permit, due to some reasons, it didn't go succesful therfore both my work permit and visa became expired. I was very scared and very worried. I have been here many years now have to go back to my country straight away, I simply just can't take it. I almost came to dead end, lucky my friend introduce Peter Hendrikx to me. He very patient and carefully listen my situation, helping me to prepare all the documents also wrote a explain letter to the Minister. No very long later, I succesfully granted 2 years work permit on 11/09/2006. Me and all my family thanks Peter wholeheartedly, he is very repsonsible person and has righteous character. He helped my family to over come the most difficult situation. If you have any similar circumstance, please give Peter a call, I believe you can soon hear the good news".

Leon & Nancy, Ministerial, Work Permit.

"Dear Peter, we want to thank you very much for all your hard work and effort invested in getting my permanent residency here in New Zealand.When we first looked for an immigration agency, it was a bit of a scary process for us. Not only we were concerned about the cost, we were also concerned whether someone was trust worthy and reliable enough to handle our case. However, when we met and had personal interaction with you, we knew we didn't need to worry. You had always made us felt comfortable and assured of whatever steps that was needed to be taken. I personally, was impressed with how you handled our case. You always were on top of things and made sure that we were informed immediately of any additional information requested by the immigration, as well as getting the answers for us when we needed them. Your professionalism is oustanding! t has been a long year, but with your help and determination I am now a permanent resident in less time than expected. Your service is highly recommendable and also affordable! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Mark and I are very happy and are thankful for all you've done for us. We are getting excited and happy for the arrival of our little one next month, thanks to you for speeding the process up we won't have to pay any expenses!! We want to wish you all the best and continue success for the coming year! We would be happy to offer any reference if you like. Thank You once again."

Lusi & Mark, Residence Family

"Thanks for helping me to get a student permit under section 35a. This will help me to finalise my studies here in New Zealand."

Alex, Section 35a, Student Permit

"Fantastic job, fantastic service, fantastic result!!! Thank you o so much!"

Mohammed, LTBV

"The road and the wait has been very long. The great result is sweet and that thanks to your effort and diligence and patience. Thank you very much for what you have done, making it possible for our family to start a new life in New Zealand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Bhagwan, LTBV

"Thank you for successful application, you and your staff always work hard for our case, and never bored of my questions all the time, you really do good job. My husband and I feel very grateful for you in all our lives. Once again thank you very much and best wish to you and your business."

Kevin and Joyce, Residence, Entrepreneur

"Thanks for all your support and advise, it has been worth while. We now are able to really start our lives in our new land"

Anita, Residence, Entrepreneur

"Thank you for your help. You gave me and my father a lot of help with our applications of NZ permanent residence. You have abundant knowledge about immigration law and experience of case application. You always gave us professional and detail answers for our enquiries, and never felt weary about that. You also dealt with the problems we faced efficiently and perfectly. Our applications were accepted by the immigration service at last. Thank you again for your help, you are really a reliable person to earn reputation from us."

Libin, Residence, Spouse
Shuijin, Residence, Entrepreneur

"Just a quick note to thank you for an amazing effort in obtaining permanent residence. Without your help we don’t think we would have been successfully."

Peter, Residence, Family

"Thank you very much. I can’t find the words to thank you. Thank you for all your troubles."

Silvy, Residence, Family

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